How to mount on older plaster and lath walls.

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how's everybody doing today so here's a

cool little how-to lot of old buildings

here in Plattsburgh my office being one

of them you know it's hard if you want

to mount something that's a good size I

have what's going to be a new sign going

up in my office and how do you know

where to mount it is there a stud there

is there not a stunt there the way that

a lot of the old buildings are it's

called plaster and lath so I'm going to

spin this around and kind of show you

the way the way studs are normally in a

house the studs go up and down there's

16 on center it's easy to be able to

find it you tack right in and you're

done and you know you're in a stud with

plaster and lath it's done one here and

then there's laughs that goes through

all the way down usually about an inch

and a quarter thick and they cover it

with plaster and that's the wall so when

you have a stud finder and you turn it

on everything's a stud no matter where

you go everything shows as it's done

so a cold trick that I've learned is

that you take a magnet I have a cool bag

net that obviously we have childproof

locks because I have a young daughter

who gets into everything kind of take it

and run it up and down the wall and then

you'll feel it kind of catch a little

bit and if you find where the nails are

holding that laughs into a stud you can

literally take it off and it'll stick to

those nails after you find out where the

stud is you can go through as you can

see make a line and just go straight up

with it and all I did was do little

pilot holes little little note little

little drills to make sure that I was

literally finding a stunt all the way up

and then as we went through I meet a

nice squared line now I know where my

stud is so here's another video I'm

gonna put up hopefully time lapse if it

works of me trying to single-handedly

hang this big ol monster sign up with a

little laughter so hopefully it goes

well if not it's just a cool little

trick lag it right in use the magnet

thanks for watching