Hair Replacement Hair System Review Attaching your Hair System

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welcome back to the channel this is

gonna be a long video today so I had to

break it up we just had too much footage

to cover so you're gonna see some choppy

stuff in the video so so stay tuned

watch is full attachment video thanks

for thanks for watching and please

subscribe now what we're add is

attachment this is going to be a

physical attachment I'm gonna do it by

myself and then the wife is going to

have to do probably this section back

with the tape okay she's going to do

that section right there with the tape

and if you ask me Curtis what did you do

to your neck I had a little surgery back

there for a cyst I had to remove so

don't think I've gotten some weird stuff

anyways back to it what do we have today

in for our attachment what what we need

I like a scalp protector I'm not gonna

use the name brand because they haven't

been nice enough to even call me back so

I'm not going to endorse a product when

somebody doesn't have the respect to at

least call me back we're gonna be using

tape and we're going to be using go

spawn platinum some alcohol from the

drugstore and a rag that's all we have

that's all I need that's all you should

probably need to depending on what kind

of system you use and this is for a

Swiss sleigh system so if we were using

on Polly or something like that it'd be

a little bit different you wouldn't be

using the tape you'd be using the ghost

bond and that would be it so here's what

we do my final cleanup on my head I used

I used on soap and wash my head you're

gonna say Curtis this isn't good for

your skin I agree it's not but you need

the cleanest application you can get and

anything with any shampoos or anything

like that really has moisturizers and

all these other things in it that I

really don't want on my scalp when I go

to make an attachment so don't soap my

rubbing alcohol I put a little bit on a

rag and I've already done this so and

then I do a final wipe and turn your AC

down in your house turn it down two or

four degrees because you do not want to

be sweating for this at all because you

will not get a good attachment so that's

what we've done it's clean

it's shaved so now what I do is I take

two of the long strips and if you see

this product the company knows exactly

what it is so if you bother calling me


I would probably endorse your product

just throwing that out there so here's

what here's what I do I attach up the

side with my one piece of tape not quite

to the hairline none of my hair

obviously my good hair and then I put

that there

boom boom you push it on pretty good you

know don't be scared push it on there I

get my second one

same thing on the other side and you

want to get it as close to your line

where your template was cut for your

system as possible and I mean it doesn't

have to be in the hair but it's gonna be

close like you can see you can see where

it is I mean it's pretty darn close so

then I didn't work now you need to get

the blue things separate from the paper

which sometimes there's a pain in the

butt okay done boom and do you really

want to mess with it too much after that

sometimes this works sometimes it

doesn't and everybody's gonna go Kurtis

so start over you're gonna say the scalp

is dirty the scalp is wet the scalp is

this the scalp is that it might be and

it might not be no but I do know it's

clean I do know I'm not sweating I don't

think no I'm good

my sweating

this again you know what I'm gonna hit

it with a little alcohol gin just in



and remember see all my head's red skin

don't like that rubbing alcohol that's

for sure so be real careful because if

you got to go back and do another

install if something goes wrong you're

gonna be very very irritated and you do

not want that I had somebody contact me

that got home from a a professional shop

doing their installation for him and it

started coming up so he had he had fixed

it or tried to fix it had taken off he

did it three times and his scalp started

bleeding it will happen once you're

rubbing this glue on and off so many

times your scalp is very sensitive and

it will start bleeding not good

there we go that's how it's supposed to

work boom

all right we're done now what do you do

okay we've got our system see a little

lint there just kind of make sure it's

clean and ready to go a little lint

there it'll never be a hundred percent

perfect it's just impossible so what do

I do

all right this might not be suggested

but this is what I do and mine seems to

work good all right up and now that you

remember I've got two exposed pieces of

tape up there so I'm kind of lying in

the back up and not not letting it

really lay on the tape I'm just kind of

dragging it where I want it okay we're

not on the tape I'm just kind of

dragging it work and then I roll it down

I'm rolling it down into the into the

tape and rolling it forward

all right so now that we got it put it

down push it down onto your tape

all right it's secure my went a little

bit too far forward today I don't know

now I'm starting to sweat my anxiety

gotta kick it a little bit no I'm

sweating so now if you went too far

forward in the hairline temple get your

little pair of scissors you gone it goes

so I'm gonna wipe that down make sure

I'm not sweating

I'm gonna use my Scout protector that

nobody cares to call me back about and

just dab it on you kind of like dab it

like a bingo nabber it seems like it

doesn't really come out all that great

but this stuff is good stuff and it's

not really serious if you get it past

your hairline or anything like that so

shake it up get your little nastiness

off the off the tip there roll your

system back wherever you're gonna have

your glue start applying your glue I

just do it kind of like this there's no

science to this I use my finger people

are gonna say Curtis you shouldn't do

that you should use an applicator or a

sponge or a brush this is just what I

choose to do

make sure I know where my hairline is

because of my tan line I don't have to

do the drawing because I have a tan line

there that's pretty pronounced and

you're not I if you lay this stuff on

too thick

it'll never dry it seems like it'll stay

white the entire time in almost nine

times out of ten when I do this I always

seem to miss a spot near this edge like

I don't go far enough down with the with

the glue maybe I'm just being timid or

something cuz I don't wanna have to

clean it up later okay we're gonna let

this dry for probably thirty seconds and

we'll fast forward okay now it's

transparent ahead does have some sheen

to it but that's not uncommon

it's transparent and very sticky

so now we go on with the second coat

goes bone I think suggests four coats I

think the level of the glue has

something to do with it being down where

the lace actually pushes into the levels

of the glue and it hides the lace in the

glue levels itself if that makes sense I

only do two coats I see a lot of these

guys only do one coat I do too

just to be sure I'm not doing four

that's just my preference and you can

see how much I'm applying here and this

bottle is the same bottle I've been

using the entire time

this is I have not bought another bottle

this stuff is like which is good I mean

it's expensive it's like twenty-two

bucks a bottle but if it lasts that long

it's not you know peruse application

might be dollar maybe I guess and that's

more than fair I'll get my hair long


and you're not rubbing this stuff in

your lightly smearing it it's really

what you're doing is you're basically

just smearing it so that it makes a nice

even coat an alcohol will really take

the stuff right off so it's rub

something now call on your hands and we

have five minutes now to let this dry so

you'll see a pause first show okay with

it okay it's been five minutes and we

let it dry just like we're supposed to

now we're gonna go down with the front

of the system once it's down we're done

that's it

other than letting the wife go in the

back and do those probably four pieces

of tape lay it down you're finished

that's it finito so you just saved

yourself like a hundred fifty bucks so

here we go what I do is I kind of roll

it down and I'm trying to keep it level

to lay it down flat you don't want any

crinkles or wrinkles or anything like

that so here we go

okay I got my brush and what I do nail

slowly lay it down you do not want

wrinkles here you can't you just can't

you can't work them out you can't get

them to go away

they will not go away my just ups cuz

you see I see them and nobody else sees

them but I do and it just kind of drives

me bananas cuz I push them down every

morning you're really focusing on making

sure the front is where it's gonna be

and then making sure that you get the

front down straight it's the biggest

thing to this okay we're down I take my


okay and spray a little leave-in

conditioner in it just so I get it to

comb gently

oh good we have hair in the glue that it

was too much I put too much down so good

you get to see this alright here's what

happens maybe I went down a little bit

too far with the hairline but we'll fix

it no big deal so here's what happens it

sticks to the forehead stuck to your


that is not the look you're going for so

what we do I don't have my cotton ball

taking a rag it'll alcohol on alcohol

was the thing that eats through this

glue and just kind of rub around where

the hairs want to stick to your forehead

let it dry because you don't want to get

that back into the back into the system

and I brush it and lightly go back with

it boom going

and I'm done that's all I got now the

wife will come in and do that piece for

me back there and then I'll be finished

so that's really all there is to it and

we did it in under an hour

so ready right an hour so it's doable so

uh let me know if I can help any check

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