How to Use & Install Locking Sling Swivels - Grovtec Tutorial

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we're gonna talk today a little bit

about our growth tech locking swivels a

lot of folks they're used to using some

of the newer push-button styles which is

one of our major products a very popular

item but when you get back into the

old-fashioned bolt guns then we start

using the old-fashioned locking swivels

every once in a while I'll get a call on

how to open and use a locking swivel the

old style had just a plunger where you

had to just push the plunger rotate the

gate and it would slide into the swivel

stud our newer ones actually they're

called a locking swivel because when you

turn the sleeve down it free spins and

when it free spins it allows the safety

factor of never being able to come

undone and accidentally release your

sling so you just take the sleeve

unscrew the sleeve you push the plunger

on the sleeve rotate the gate to expose

the pin and then you just simply slide

it into your swivel stud push the

plunger again rotate the gate until it

fits into place and now spin the sleeve

until it goes all the way against the

body and free spins says it's an easy

operation but if you're not familiar

with it it can't confuse it