How To Attach a Guitar Strap To Acoustic Guitars **WITHOUT RISK YOUR GUITAR ** W/ Special Locks

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hello welcome to this tutorial on how to

attach your our tribute guitar strap to

your acoustic guitar everything you're

going to need is going to be included

with your extra guitar strap the

contents may vary slightly

while the katana straps are gonna come

with this string for simply tying to the

headstock of the guitar if you need this

depending on mixed oxide you purchased

you may or may not also get this button

strap as well the attached for every

guitar strap will vary slightly

depending on your particular guitar you

want to make sure you least have the

bottom peg and we're gonna start by

attaching the side of the strap with the

loop to that bottom peg

we're also going to use the included

strap lock on top of the strap for extra

security now if your guitar has another

peg here you can remove the string and

attached to that peg in the same ways

get on the bottom in my case I'm gonna

have to attach the strap to the

headstock on my guitar behind the knot

so if you want to use the included

string you can loop one side of the

string behind in that underneath the


and then tie it with a secure but

removable not if your strap came with

this extra strap button you can use this

as well in place of the string this is

also available separately if you wanted

to use it so you would remove the string

on this attach the button to the top

side of the strap

and then put it behind the guitar not

underneath the strings wrap it around

and attach it to itself on the button

and you're ready to start playing