How to Connect Guitar Straps : Guitar Questions & Answers

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hi my name is Jim Jeffrey I'm here in

Los Angeles California today I'm going

to show you how to connect a guitar

strap on to your guitar

so most guitar straps are like this one

here put my guitar down for a second see

a little piece of leather or fake

leather will have a slit in it like that

when guitars will have a little peg on

the end of it they'll look a little bit

different some of them are sharper or

you know triangle-shaped or whatever

this one looks like this and you will

take the end of the strap and it's just

like a button if you're not a button a

shirt you can put a strap on your guitar

and just fit the peg through there and

you take the other end which will have

another little slit and the leather you

put it on the other strap peg and voila

you have a strap on your guitar

now acoustic guitar is pretty much the

same thing with a little difference

we're going to use the same strap and

you'll see strap pegs down here at the

bottom just get that on there now if you

look at the back of this guitar there's

no strap peg up in this area any place

out of the body or not in the neck

anywhere so you could do two things you

can install a strap peg there your local

guitar store or if you have a drill and

a Nadi's a screwdriver you could do it


just be careful well let's say you don't

want to do that a lot of guitar straps

will come with a string on them or you

could get your own string like a

shoelace and you can just tie it right

into the strings like this

make sure you tie a good knot because

last thing you want is your strap to

come undone you can see this end has

like two you know it's doubled over this

end isn't I usually put the end that's

not doubled over on the top of my guitar

like this because it's less material

there to get my way

and over here you have more material but

it's out of the way it's behind you down

there it's not bothering you one more

advantage to doing it that way is if

when you have a lecture guitar or an

acoustic guitar plugged in you can

actually use that to hold your guitar

cord a little more secure so you plug it

into your guitar and then you just run

it through the end of your strap so this

way if you accidentally step on your

guitar cord it doesn't get pulled right

out of your guitar right away now

there's another way to connect the strap

onto your electric guitar you can use

what's called a strap lock system and if

you can see the end of this guitar strap

has this metal thing it's attached to it

a little bolt or in a little nut excuse

me the washer and this little thing

right here there's different brands of

strap locks but this will slide right in

to the strap peg which they'll supply

you have to actually install a new strap

peg that comes with your strap lock

system we just slide it on there and

then it's locked in place and you

actually have to pull up on this little

thing to slide it off and I use these on

all of my electric guitars because the

last thing I want is my $2,000 guitar to

get like broken because it fell on the

floor because of a bad strap but these

are nice and secure just make sure the

nuts are tightened

and that is how you install a strap on a

guitar my name is Jim Jeffrey I hope

this video helps thank you for watching