Installing Granite Countertops

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how you two friends this is Brad so

today in this video I just want to share

with you some of the things that I've

learned along the way on our search for

granite countertops today is the

installation of our countertops and I'm

really excited to share some of that

with you let's get started that's it our

granite slab is called horizon it's a

tier 4


there's our slab

you know you get your best seam and then

also at the same time getting the best

lot of character in here Peninsula I

also have a spot here that was trying to


back in that corner there yeah

first one is the pencil edge that's what

we have there's no extra charge for that

cut then all these other ones there's an

extra charge these other cuts would be

$250 or more here they're prepping for

the installation of our under counter

kitchen sink here we're removing the old

cast-iron porcelain sink and you can see

the old counter tops

we did reuse the faucet it was in great

shape it was only a year old and it was


got it our new kitchen sink is called a

Deerfield model number K - five 873 it

is cast iron an acid resistant enamel

finish it cost six hundred and ninety

five dollars as I mentioned earlier our

granite countertops are a tier for the

price for them is approximately thirty

nine hundred dollars we could have went

with a Tier one which is mostly like

blacks and whites and grays and respect

those less painting could have spent

probably in the low 3000's for that

higher tiers cost more often they're

nicer but not always sometimes it has to

do with just how rare it is besides

Gray's blacks and whites Organic

countertops have a little bit of red a

little bit of brown and I think it's a

good idea because that gives you more

options for different colors in your

kitchen down the road

besides granite there's a lot of great

options for countertops however we

decided to go with granite because it's

bringing the outside in it's like the

beauty of nature in your home our

installers best guests for the weight of

this piece was at least 200 pounds

probably even more as we're going ahead

with our kitchen remodel we're trying to

respect the concept of return on

investment I think that installing

granite countertops will definitely


for comparison purposes here's the old

countertop on the peninsula

when deciding how to cut your granite

slab on the peninsula they try to have

the veins going at an angle

we had them cut the peninsula piece such

said it was about three inches shorter

than it was that way there was some

space between the edge of the counter

and the refrigerator so two people could

walk side by side and not bump into each

other like they had in the past we had

recently purchased a counter depth

refrigerator and this also gives extra

space we also had them extend the

counter tops an extra three-quarters of

an inch over the base cabinets this

helped to hide some imperfections at the

top of the base cabinets and also to

give us more counter space I forgot to

mention earlier but we also widened the

peninsula by an inch or two that way

when we're sitting on the stools our

knees no longer hit the base cabinet we

also went with stools without a back

because in the past the back would turn

into the countertop and we noticed there

was a lot of Nicks that were beginning

to appear

this is a seam setter which also helped

to level the scene

part is Iraq hey huh

it's a little dark the second coat and

put a little light

friends together so this is a

cleaner it's sealed when it comes the

granite shop just installed our granite

counters and they are fantastic so we'll

be having a kitchen revealed down the

road here with our remodel but I just

want to show you how beautiful these

counters turned out I mean it is like

unbelievable to me if you like this

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