How to Install a Car Tracker DIY Simple Easy Steps

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you watch in previous episodes by now

you should have changed your power

steering rack and installed a subwoofer

this episode we're going to be

installing a GPS tracker see that now

these trackers are quite good they're

quite reasonable in price now as well

some obviously good protection obviously

you know exactly where your car is what

is doing you can see when people are

using your car so you know if you've got

like kids who might steal your car I

know it's a horrible thing to say but it

does happen

um or anyone anyone tries to use your

car you can actually set up what they

call geofencing where if it comes out of

a specific area it goes off or has been

anywhere for the last 30 days can

actually track everywhere is gone so for

that I think this is a fantastic a

fantastic modification investment

whatever you want to call it because

they're right they range between thirty

and a hundred pounds and for that sort

of value I think is it's priceless

because if you if your car was to get

stolen god forbid or go missing or

anything like that

you know you've got a little bit of

backup there which cost you virtually

nothing you know um but yeah so this is

what we're going to do this episode we

want to install it when you buy these

they come with two power supplies

sometimes looking away it comes with

your cigarette layout I guess if you

just want to have it laying around I

mean I wouldn't be interested in that

maybe it's for other purposes as well

but for me I don't focus me but what

we're going to be doing we're going to

be caught what we call hardwiring it

into the car so we're going to find a

live and we're going to put a ground

somewhere and we're going to wire it

into the car that'll run days you will

need a SIM card just a normal SIM card

whatever your service provider is in

England we call it pay-as-you-go I'm not

sure you call it anywhere

but we call it pay-as-you-go so you just

top-up the card and then armed it's got

its got credit on it and you can use it

now it works by you've calling the phone

and it replies back to you with a

message and coordinates of where it is

and most people got smartphones these

days so what you would do is you tap it

and it comes up with Google Maps it

tells you exactly where it was it tells

you the speed is go and it tells you all

that good stuff

now this is quite a cheap one this is

this is quite a basic model tracker but

they do have more sophisticated ones

which can actually turn off your car and

and make it stop wherever it is from the

phone but this one is just a very simple

one where you where are you what you're

doing where are you going

so yeah so this is this is our one so

you can never look elsewhere and see

what what different ones there are

obviously the other ones are a little

bit more complicated to install and

stuff but this one as you can see is two

wires and we have to find a secret

location to put it I think is valuable

for anyone if I'm being honest you know

it's little you can use it so let's get

to installing it we're going to connect

the power cables to the back of the

stereo not the stereo itself the feed

that comes in to the stereo there's a

live arm battery wire that comes into

the stereo so what we're going to do is

we're going to connect it to that live

not the ignition one the permanent LED

the one that's on all the time when I

connected to that live and then we're

going to arm use that power use it to

power this now it's important for these

trackers to be facing with their

transmitter side up which is that side

I've been told that side facing up

because it like the GPS likes to see

described so let's start by removing the

dashboard dashboard the term the global

pop as I said before we're going to be

moving the glove compartment I've done

this quite a few times in these videos

so it's just about removing the screws

in the places that you seen before and


that we make sure to get that your

bottom click on the corner form right

corner for that stereo this was used

from the previous installation when we

did this subwoofer once you whip down

it's on to the cheapest now

pair the tracker you can app to open it

up because you've got to install the SIM

card because this is much like a mobile

phone so once you open it up should be

this side and you will see the SIM card

locator there do you just start pull it

down it locks when you put it down then

just get back up to the sim crime now

make sure your phone is got credit and

it's activated before you do this

or else if you like the one do all again

so make sure you test it and check it

once you pull this is level put the back

on carefully make sure you don't clip

any wires in there or anything this is

probably working pretty good remember

once this is away you don't begin it

back out this is four screws either ends

you're done okay let me explain what

we're gonna do now we've removed the

glove box and inside the glove box I

have found a nice little spot okay

that's the heat a resistor there as you

can see and then I should go just above

the heater resistor there's a nice flat

surface just here just here there's a

nice flat surface it's part of the

heating vent so what we're going to do

is we're going to we're going to stick

our track off just above here see that

just about see it so we're gonna stick

our tracker just above there and we're

going to go around the back and come

through here and pick up the wiring off

the main lie which is a the red here and

it is the red and white here

you see that red and white wire there

that is the main light the constant

layer that's on all the time

now that is what's going to feed our

track unit up there so what will happen

is that you what you would do is you

would tap into this main life some sort

of way this red and white main live here

you would tap into that main life but

just for what we're doing at the moment

I'm going to plug it into here I'm going

to pick it up here now it's not 100% the

correct way but just for this purpose

I'm doing that if I was doing this

properly and a proper autumn and a

proper covert install I would pick this

wire up further back or find another

life that was suitable as you can see

there's a wiring loom here so pretty

much this red and white one is probably

the same I'm not saying you should do

that if I understand it you could

probably pick up another life but for

what we are going to do this is going to

be suffice I'm going to pick it up from

here wire it up to the tracker which is

up there and we're going to stick this

down with some double-sided tape some

sticky bit plastic so we'll put sticky

back plastic on the back of it maybe a

bit more maybe we do this instead

double-sided tape stick it on slide it

up there hold it down make sure it's

nice and secure up there and then hook

up into the main live and feed the


hope that makes sense

the factory term disconnect work battery

before working with the ladder electrics

shook your power cables so you can

prepare it for connection to your live

feed now I this the wire and this was

quite thin and when I got so make sure

you should be quite well so you can

double up the vehicle connection once

you've stripped it back try and feed it

through into the stereo compartment

where it's going to go or wherever

you're going to connect your life from

but since we're doing it from the arms

director disagree we went to connect

your tracker wire to your chosen live

make sure you get a good connection here

because once again you don't have to be

coming back to anything you haven't done


once you happy with your giant tape it

up with some good insulating tape juice

you want to keep it nice and secure and

it'll also take a little bit of stress

off the actual wire itself if it gets

tucked once you're happen you've tied it

all up start pushing it back into its

place so you can prepare it for full

installation of the stereo itself as

well so start to tuck the wires away

here you can see I found a liar

I screwed directly to the car and now

I'm just slipping the tracker into the

position that we showed you earlier

we've got our power and we've got our

tracker see it locate that there could

probably go back a little further to be

honest but that is suffice that's


so you can see is tucked just above this

the heat a pan on the heater thingy so

now next is just to plug it in and check

the area things working once you're

happy that everything's okay now's

they're trying to talk your wires away

attached to loom hook it up somewhere

tidy so it doesn't get pinched

reinstall the stereo make sure

everything is working you haven't taken

up anything that's not supposed to and

then fit back up the glove compartment

now it's the usual six screws or seven

screws around the edges I'll just cut

this short screen or something once

you're happy you're done time to test it

now so the way this works is that we

call the track art and it texts us back

with all the information all the

coordinates of where it's located so if

you could look there you could see it

says BMAC bags trekker can you see that

can't see litany here you go so what I

want to do I want to call it and then

I'll hang up and it'll should text me

back the information where it is so here

we go

hole in it

you hear that okay so we hung up and it

should send me a text in the next two

seconds or three seconds or 5 seconds

leveling it takes don't embarrass me

come on there you go now that's the text

backwater coordinates so so let's see

what it says okay cool so now the

tracker has come back with that

information so what you do now is you

press open URL it's asking me to use

Google Maps I want to use Google Maps

just once and there you go

it says I'm the pot I'm at Lynn's down

Road Avenida and the draw and all the

driz Butlins down Avenue in the draw

yeah so now if we look over there

we can see that that says the drive and

if we look over that's where you go yeah

it says leans down Avenue so you can see

that it is super accurate because I am

actually at the point that's the only

place where you can see both of those

roads so that is amazing to me I'm being

honest I think that's excellent once

again to put it on was easy I'll give

that an easy

I'll give it like a 2 a 1 or 2 you only

really need two tools I think wire

strippers and

your talks screwdrivers and some tape

and some tape you can do some tape and

some tape sorry you don't need to worry

about the the battery consumption on

this this is it used up 80 milliamps so

what that let me see how that works out

it could last if your batteries

approximately on these cars about 200

amps approximately based on that kind of

approximation with nothing helps being

added to it neither power draws on it it

would last about three months before

your battery goes flat and in most cases

you know if your car's been stolen or if

something's gone a long long time before

three months so in terms of worrying

about it drawing and drain your battery

it's not a worry in the drawer so low

the standby drawer is so low that you

won't have to worry about it so yeah

that's it I think he's excellent value

for money I hope you've enjoyed the

video make sure you put one on oh yeah

if you want to arm know where to get one

go to my website it'll be under

accessories and car tracker I'll be

uploading it I'll make sure it's all

there for you before I put this video up

so yeah hope that helps comment rate

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