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hello this is riding me three and in

today's video I'm going to be showing

you how I attach my GoPro to my riding

helmet to create the GoPro footage that

I do for my jumping and my hacking I'm

gonna be showing you how to create

footage that looks like this instead of

footage that looks like this next little

warp this I'm gonna be showing you how

actually put my GoPro on my helmet and

then I'm gonna be taking you through a

few of the accessories I've actually

bought which makes the experience better

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all right so the GoPro that I use is the

hero 7 black this is one I chose off

GoPros website at the time it was at the

top end of GoPros models but it wasn't

the most expensive model I wasn't sure a

few months ago whether I'd use the GoPro

a lot and I didn't want to drop a whole

load money on it without knowing whether

I use it all the time so I opted for the

7 was shot like towards the up and the

top end but not super super expensive so

when I actually bought my GoPro it came

in a bundle and what that bundle

included was a head strap so this the

GoPro and a spare battery so I have only

ever used a head mount which is what you

can see on my helmet here I've never

tried a chest strap although I know that

some people use them so this is going to

be about using the GoPro Hero 7 black on

a head strap so firstly with your head

strap you'll see that you have this sort

of little ringed end can you see that

that's where your GoPro is actually

gonna sit so if you pull this over your

helmet it helps if you have a suede

helmet or a kind of cover that has a bit

of grip I have used this helmet for

jumping for galloping and my GoPros

never come off but what has happened is

sometimes the strap will slip I'll show

you that bar there it was sometimes slip

off here and I have to put it back on so

you do have to be careful of that I

would just check it every time you ride

sometimes I find these straps can be a

little bit small so for me personally

I've made this almost as their because

it can go because my helmet is what

tights my helmet it's actually a seven

and a half so it's not a huge helmet but

what you're gonna do is just take the

two sides where your little rings are

hold those and then pull them to the

front of your helmet take the other two

sides and pull them back to the back of

your helmet so that your little GoPro

bar the little square with GoPro is

sitting at the back of your helmet try

and make sure that that is secure pull

it down as much as you can and on either

side of the helmet and make sure these

rings are down at the front as well it

doesn't have to be right at the bottom

like mine sits there because you can

adjust the angle of the GoPro which I'll

show you in a minute but that is how you

get the strap on and there's actually

some rubber that's gonna

keep that in place it's quite difficult

to move you'll see so pretty simple then

what you're going to do is you're going

to need to take your GoPro and put it in

its case so let me come a little bit

closer and show you how to do this so

your case looks like this and it has

these little rings at the bottom that is

the bottom of your case and then you'll

see that it has this sort of case at the

back that pulls down and this piece at

the top that's the back of your case so

your GoPro is going to go in this way so

take your GoPro you'll see as well that

there's certain spaces for different

buttons so you should be able to line up

pretty easily so I'm just gonna slot my

GoPro in there like this and then close

the back just like that so you catch the

end of it in the corner just like this

so you take the top it fastens to one

side sort of hooks under the edge of the

case and then you're gonna clip it to

close and it will snap close then what

you're going to do you should have this

pin which came in the box of the GoPro

don't lose it because this is what

attached your GoPro to pretty much

anything that you use so you're going to

take your GoPro with the three rings and

you're going to fix them to the three

rings slot them in with the three rate

between the rings on your helmet like

that okay then what you're going to do

is put the pin in that hole which is

going to secure those two sets of rings

together once you have it in there were

going to twist it to the right to secure

it and then you'll go press fastened the

next piece is really really important if

you want to have great footage and that

is the angle that your GoPro actually

sits out so whether it's like this or

whether it's like that this is what's

going to get you great footage or

terrible footage so when you first get

on what I would recommend doing is make

sure you have the GoPro app downloaded

which I think you'll be prompted for

when you actually set up the GoPro for

the first time anyway but make sure you

have that app downloaded and then when

you get on the horse open the app in

you're on your phone and just put your

head as where your eye level would be

when your ride

and you'll get a little preview of what

your GoPro can actually see and this is

going to let you know whether your angle

is too high or too low if you have your

angle too low

all you're going to see is the horses

ear so here's an example of me I took

lovely Kant around the shore field but

all you can really see is Ted's head and

neck and whilst that's fine you're not

seeing any of you are not seeing where

we're going it's not super interesting

alternately if you have it too high

you're going to miss the horse entirely

and all you're going to see is above in

the sky and everything else which is a

bit it's not great either so what I

would do is put your phone up to where

your eye level EB will be when you're

riding and make sure that you see that

your GoPro is at the right adjustment so

you'll be able to twist it forward it's

not so tight that you can't move it a

little bit can you see that so it should

be easy to set up so that is the very

very basic setup of GoPro it's worth

noting that the GoPro battery for these

seven black lasts for about an hour

slightly less if you're putting the

higher quality of video up there and

there are loads of settings within the

GoPro itself that you can choose which

there are much more informative reviews

on that so I'm not going to go into that

detail but what I do want to touch on is

your sim card this is probably the best

advice I could give you is my GoPro came

with this SanDisk 32 gig it's probably

not in focus is it I'll put a picture of

it up on the screen 32 gig sim card and

I thought that this would be absolutely

fine for what I needed however I was on

a hack one day and I had the quality of

video quite high I think I had it at 108

oh and um just before I ended up falling

off my GoPro cut out and when I got back

from the hack I was like oh I'm so

excited to see this which it should be

falling off it would be really fun and

then I had nothing it completely cut out

and I missed a fall completely which is

disappointing because everybody on

YouTube knows that you really want to

see the falling footage and when I did

some research online what I realized was

that the SIM card with a lower writing

speed can't actually keep up with the

rate of which the footage needs to be

created and therefore it ends up cutting

out so after some research I stayed with

sandesh because they're still really

really good cards but instead I ended up

getting a one with a slightly higher

percentage of memory so 265 gig but I

got an a2 and I will drop a bit more

information here so this is the one I

use now I'll put a picture of art

because it's not focusing but I use a

SIM card with more memory so I don't

have to spend as much time downloading

my footage and I can leave it on the

GoPro for longer before I have to move

it over because there's more memory

space and it writes quicker so if you

are going to be using a GoPro at a

higher level of memory like 108 or like

4k then you're gonna need a better SIM

card I would also recommend that you get

a spare battery because the batteries

only last for an hour and actually it's

even less if you're shooting in 4k so

you might need to swap your batteries

over the final thing I just want to

touch on is when you get your GoPro it

may come with this which is a adapter it

looks like this and what this is used

for is you put your SIM card in here and

then you can put it into a SIM card

reader which looks like this and that

will help you transform your files from

your GoPros disk to your laptops so when

I first started using my GoPro I would

download all my footage onto my phone

and then airdrop it from my phone it's

my laptop that is a terrible terrible

idea it takes forever

GoPro files aren't really loves they're

like 4 gig per section so if you have

footage of like an hour's worth of

riding and your GoPro slits that I've

been to for 15 minute blocks each of

those is 4 gigabytes which is like

twelve googa bytes it no sorry

each of those is three gigabytes which

is like 12 gigabytes total that takes

ages to upload to your laptop so having

a disc reader is just gonna make the

whole process easier it's much much

quicker to use one of these so that is

what they're for I'd recommend getting

one if you're planning on creating a lot

of GoPro footage try and I would also

recommend potentially getting hold of a

hard drive because your laptop is gonna

fill up really really quickly if you

decide to have a lot of GoPro footage on

there either that or you can go through

all of your GoPro footage after you've

ridden pick out your favorites and then

just delete the rest that you free up

all of your memory space that is how I

set up my GoPro on my helmet I'll give

you a little montage here of all the

footage I've captured recently with my

GoPro and I hope to see you next time

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