GoPro Head Strap and Quick Clip unboxing and instructions

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hello hello today I'm going to show you

an awesome unboxing video by me for you

today let me reduce you the gopro

headstrap mount and additional the quick

clip this is a GoPro of this mountain of

course and the head strap is fully it

just able to fit all sauces head strap

can be worn over hammers or directly on

your hand in a hat lamplight position

quickly allows you to touch your GoPro

to a backwards baseball cap or as a

three millimeter to ten millimeter thick

objects quickly and able altra compact


mounting its compatibility with 0-6

black hero 5 black you 5 session you

will fashion your black you for silver

hero+ LCD your applause and of course

the hero itself so this matches or okay

let's have a look what's inside the box

open this nice box and have a look

inside and there dears there are two

things one is the quick clip this is the

quick clip and this quick clip is

comfortable to all pro GoPro cameras of

course and to your baseball cap for

example we will use later and GoPro six

black and this is a head strap with this

long screw as you can see and this will

mount your GoPro on the head strap or

the quick clip or other mounds of course

all rotated mmm left turn out tight and

there it is

let's peek in to have a look how it

works with the quick clip so let's dock

now the GoPro on the hop by using the

long screw now tighten the crew at the


and you can adjust the frame with the

GoPro inside of course so now it matches

to the quick clip and the creek may I'm

the quick clip you can wear to a

backwards baseball cap or as a three

millimeters to family way to fake

objects of course now let's go to the

head strap the head strap is really cool

and this is foot adjustable to fit all

sizes so that means you have a big skull

it betters and your four tiny skull it

matches to because it's flexible bands

you have one band in the vertical way

and one band will go up over your skull

of course and it's adjustable on two

spots one is on the upper side and one

is of course on the left side there see

I just able part to make it a little

better fix so let's have a look how we

have to mount the GoPro with the frame

on it as you can see it's a self it's an

easy way to fix it because there's a

mount on the top now you screw to mount

the GoPro with this head strap easy

going and it's so easy to wear easy to

use but it is nice and you have the two

hands of you free to walk will this to

have fun with this and the GoPro will

make a movie by on just able hat strap

and it's it's easy to wear easy to use

easy to adjust nice product really good

let's start for wearing this head strap

so this back side and now you take the

horizontal band and you put it over your


and as you can see it matches proper and

on the on the front side there it's a

play too

this will make a better shape forming

process and as you can see it stays apt

at your body at your head easily now you

can adjust it a little bit up and down

and then you have to fix this by

rotating the screw Geoff's done

easygoing and if it's if you have a

small tiny head you can adjust it a

little bit smaller or you have a bigger

hat you can give a little bit more ban

of course so adjust it on the top side

and on the right side and on the left

side of the head strap and then you can

make it a bit be a little bit larger and

smaller as you like but it's so flexible

I think we do not have to use this often

so let's do short look to the other

thing and the other thing here's the

quick clip there is a click the quick

clip is easy to use for example mmm I

have a baseball cap here and we are

going to to attach it there to have a

better look for this

so there it is and it's the cap has to

be three millimeter to ten twillie too

thick for this object now you have to

slide the quick clip inside or through

this back side of the base cap and then

you can adjust the Darko probe with

frame a little bit and yeah nice cool

baby as you can see easy to wear and

it's fast assembled this is for fast and

easy quick clip movies with your base

cap of course

the same like before use your hat and

attach it by the long screw and as you

can see it stays in position good and

easy use this is a little good quick

clip for quick videos and quick

assembling but I think the gopro

headstrap mount is the main product of

this and here you can see I make some we

disap with this head strap and it works

easily and good and Wow

yeah to hands-free mode nice and easy

self thanks for watching please

subscribe me and give me a positive

feedback and feel next time soon soon

yeah nice product