How to Mount a GoPro onto a Dog: GoPro Tips and Tutorials #6

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hey guys welcome back to go pro

television today I'm going to show you

how to mount your GoPro onto a dog

collar using the handle bar and see post

mountain so let's get started alright so

this mount will work on any type of dog

collar so therefore it will work on any

type of dog all you need is the handle

bar T post mount and what you're going

to do is just simply put the bottom

through there at any point and then

you're just gonna wanna screw it type no

it doesn't have to be too tight

obviously because it's has the option of

moving around but when it's dangling

from your dog's neck it'll stand one

spot generally so it's nothing you have

to worry about and then what you're

going to want to do is choose a back

door just for like safety reasons I

guess more for the camera so you can use

this type of backdoored the holes a

minute if it's in a dry environment just

that you get better sound you can use

the waterproof door if it's going to be

in the wet environment like swimming or

something like that and for extra

precaution you can use the floaty

backdoor if you don't want to lose it in

case it falls off the collar or whatnot

so from here it's just as simple as

taking it and attaching it through here

and then screwing it in to the GoPro now

I've tried this on my dog and it's the

only mount dog mountain I found that he

is ok with because he's fine with the

collar around his neck so it's not

really that much of a inconvenience for

my tried to harness but he doesn't move

when I put that on them so this is

really the best mount that i found that

you can use on your dog so once you have


all you have to do is put the collar

around your dog okay so once you have

your dog you were going to just want to

put it around his or her neck since it's

like this until it latches on then

you're going to want to adjust it so

that it's not in the way of your dog's

neck then all I have to do is press

record so that was the GoPro dog collar

amount i hope this video helped you if

you do find that your video is a bit

crooked just because of the tightness of

the collar or some other reason you can

just use the arms to make it straight

and or make it longer if your dog is

really tall so just an extra tip here

when I was watching the video I noticed

that it was upside down so you will need

to make your GoPro film upside down and

if you do not know how to do that then

watch my either first or second GoPro

tutorial and that will show you how to

do that so that's just a little extra

tip so that you don't have to fix it in

post production so anyways thanks for

watching please rate comment and

subscribe and I'll see you next episode