How to install a flag pole and bracket on vinyl siding

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hi I'm Philip Kaufman of grand new flag

and this is our first video in a series

of videos this one today we'll be

showing you how to install your flagpole

onto your home if you have vinyl siding

at grand new flag we care very deeply

about our veterans and active duty

military and one program we have is

called 5 percent for vets where we

donate 5 percent of net profits each

year to particular veterans nonprofit

veterans organization

we have here today a Valley Forge


6-foot 2-piece spinning flagpole and

with this flagpole when it's windy if

you don't have a spinning flagpole your

flag attend to wrap around your pole

this eliminates that problem it spins

with the wind so there's two pieces

you have your top half of the pole and

your bottom half of the pole and you

also have your two mounting rings and

also you'll see at the top there is a

clip here put the pole together you take

the bottom end in the top end and you

slide this into the sleeve you need to

hold the stationary part of the thread

and thread that into the bottom once

it's fully threaded and secure the

flagpole is put together we're going to

be putting a Valley Forge terminal 3x5

flag on 100% nylon and 100% made in the

US this flag has two grommets one on

each end

and we will attach it with the

attachments slide the Rings onto the


you want to attach the top grommet call

one and a half inches below the ball

after you attach the topper on it you're

touched bottom grommets when you're

attaching the bottom grommet you want to

make sure that this grommet is parallel

up the pole to the top of the thumb

screw goes into the right side of the

bracket to secure the pole into the

bracket we're going to take the thumb

screw and put the flag at half-mast

then you reapply the fence