How To Fit a Fence Post to a HOUSE WALL

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all right guys there's going to be many

different situations where you need to

fit our fence post onto a concrete wall

such as this yeah this is one here but

I'm gonna be rolling a fence off of this

wall yeah you know sometimes you could

you know actually put the post in there

and then go down there beside the

footings of the garbage but in this case

there's also a drainage in here so we

can't take down and rescue no break in

the drains so best option here is to

secure onto the side of the garbage here

yet so if you stick around I'll show you

the best way to do that okay so as I was

saying the first thing to do here is to

obviously determine the height of the

post on the wall so whether you're

honoring our sex with fans or for food

fans whatever it may be determined how

your post needs to be and cut it

obviously right so I've determined the

length and my keys is 1.8 meters sort of

marker here know what I'm going to do

now is cut this at a 30-degree angle and

I'm gonna use a use a circular saw for

this but you can use anything you know

even a handsaw miter saw anything an

important thing is a 30-degree angle

what we're doing here is clearing I'll

run off for water stop rot here's our

picture now of just a typical post

that's been squared off and left you

know open to the elements it just shows

you how how much it can rot so it's very

important to cut this an angle which

we'll do know okay starts the top of the

pool Scot you can see there's a 30

degree angle understand well that

doesn't mix that make sure when the

water hits it runs off and doesn't rot

the post okay so once you've denied what

do you know is marked post and four

equal points and it's all going to be

doing for our bolts and that's still

want it talked when they are one there

and one roughly around the other bottom

so what we need to do now is just one

year just mark obviously in the center

so do that for all four points okay so

we'll marked our four locations what we

want to do now is use our thirty two

millimeter speed bet what we're going to

do is drill down ten millimeters roughly

it's an officer do that in there how

about three locations it's what we do

now as one sore throat with a speed

thirty two millimeter speed that that's

10 more meters down then we'll go all

the way through now with our ten

millimeter or Garbutt or he could use

that to also stand out a little bit so

with all of us know I'm gonna do the

same for all the other locations okay

it's this is what you end up with so

over thirty two millimeter all the

outside recess the 1000 meters deep and

then I have the 10 millimeter hole in

the center what this does is we're gonna

be using 8 millimeter by 100 millimeter

typical multi effects effects things

which are cement screws or masonry


okay so affections I use are their Temko


and bolts so much these just screw

directly under the concrete and once

you've drilled the proper size all the

washers are thirty millimeters with ten

millimeter all in the center we're going

to use a 30 millimeter washer with a ten

millimeter hole in it so we'll slip that

on there and not so that week what does

the reason your recess that 10 no you

can see that there it's totally flush

it's not so important and my situation

here but I'm taking offense Leo's office

ad here when it is important when you're

mounting a gate to here you know so that

the geek falls onto the onto the wood

needs to be flush hence why you need a

recess these typically in my case just

because I'm cutting fence rails on the

side here yeah you don't need we need to

recess that you can just overall use the

water under the fixon and that would be

adequate so once I got the the top

caught at the 30 degree angle we've got

all the the holes are old okay it's one

important thing I'll mention here is

whenever you cut

treasure treated timber or drill into it

what you are doing the others exposing

on treated wood I mean the treatment on

pleasure acting at timber only goes on

so far so whenever you do this you need

to coat it with a preservative in my

case this is not getting painted so I'm

gonna use a clear preservative yes what

I use as Ron's your total with preserver

which is a clear liquid which we can

slap all over these halls now just to

make sure they would nice and sealed the

cut the edge here as well yeah so I just

use this old or your PIN and gosh just

fits in here nicely pepper and this

clear liquid and just slap it all over


not just preserves that'd be rude and

seem here on the top I think ice what's

the post and position so I just thought

we're doing our heads are four holes

with the recesses and the on go on the

top obviously so the first thing we're

going to do is get the the hate set all

the imposition and drill Joel the first

hole and the top what we're gonna use

the drill the first Hall was an eating

our meat our drill bit so either I

missing the drill bit or SDS troll but

I'm gonna be using that SDS it's all bit

which is this yeah but you can't use

that normal to Orton hammer action yeah

what that makes me talk so again all

we're going to do set height mark the

concrete and then we can take that

window all I'm sure you don't know case

offset that hey I'm not wanting away of

all anything else thing just the rough

area where you want to post all we're

gonna do is get the drill end and look

about quick pulse tikka and threw it

away and you can see where that's marked

so what we're going to do now is dole

dole that wall a bit further okay so

we've got our first hall there yeah

we're good you know and stay out the the

bolt when the water and through here so

we got the ball and the wood it's

sticking through oh do you know is just

offer this OP to the hall that's it in

the hall no it's appreciate position

you know we also got frost ball and it's

just loose just now so what we're gonna

do now is net desktop with a 15

millimeter socket and I wrench or

ratchet so this will just nip it up

there these screws just tick up a bite

so you can feel good and so just nip

that up very slightly all I'm gonna do

now is level we have all the post so

we'll get the level on it now okay so

we've got the level on the post no the

poster squeak rigid because if the team

does ball up and slightly that's really

level know what I'm going to do now is

taking that ball ever so slightly more

just to give it a good grip and then

we'll check wherever again

okay so got nap topsolid it's level

knows what we're gonna do now is run the

the masonry drill through these halls

again just the market position

okay so we've leveled this up I've no

pay wardrobe through these holes the

market wall and never can swing this

over we have loosened this off slightly

so I can swing the reader and reveals

the holes the ocean and what we'll do

now is just roll them freely and the

reason I'm doing this week's I don't

have a long off at all yeah I mean

normally you just use a longer longer

right through and I can't find my

long-lost I'm just using my short I want

to know that he's not Luthor so that we

know so it's getting the help the drawn

to the mark just don't know these

ex-foster dolls are blowing actually

pool himself under concrete as a posting

you haven't at pusher that's why I use

all the time okay so the walls are off

no Phooey drilled you see them there

one two three you just swing the ten bar

back get it live on and set the screws

and take them up okay it's clues and

said they're just in the process of

screwing them and no the ratchet doing

over at eight and I'm just let them up

that's enough for that one

that's solid

you can see the final fixin to get


you guys it's in position Fuli level


so it's a fuii install now for effect

sounds absolutely solid no greater

hunter gear of a year or what mike is

another on Fed feels office

here's an on delay the living water

ahead and runoff absolutely solid

you guys have to finish the totally

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