Hanging A Gate On A Stone Or Brick Wall Tutorial

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today I want to show you how to have a

feel get Stonewall



hello I'm Griff Rhys welcome to grinning

cliff with him and took everything

beekeeping farm and countryside living

now we do reviews as well no today we're

sorting out the odd and there's a bit of

water down there and it's somewhere the

kids are playing on the yard again and

the little one is a suck the edge where

you just can't quite trust in but you

can run around everywhere so I just want

to shut the yard off so you can't get in

there at the water because that's

obviously a big danger spot for kids

oh it's torn Walia I'm gonna hang a

feeling it onto this wall so it shuts

against my log store and sell back it

was how I can't get down there at all so

it's just a tutorial of how to hang a

steel gate onto a stone or a brick wall

let's get into it

so here are some more tools you'll need

you obviously need hinges

meet anchor bolts and I call these


it's just drill a hole there's no plug

necessary just drill a hole and these

screw right in and these are fantastic

screws they hold some serious pleasure


Soccer set or just will socket make sure

it fits those and the bolts need a

heavy-duty drill bit a suitable go into

masonry wall something like this but

they could be a lot smaller spanner to

adjust the gate and drill with hammer

function is no point turning into a

stall or a brick wall unless you go

hammer function on you drill so make

sure your drill has got the hammer

function now you don't need to drill

this big but the job is a lot easier the

bigger the drill and that's all you need

high negate let's measure up and get the

gate in now before you hang again

there's a lot of things to think before

you start drilling the holes as you can

see you're not sure what you can see

actually the ground here is quite

laughable where the gate is going to be

closed in but I want to get to open this

way now the ground is sloping up this

way so I've got a count that climb for a

gift if I hang this gate too low here as

this gate opens up it's gonna catch the

floor before it hits the wall and that's

no good so I'm gonna put the gate now

against this wall level that up that's

gonna give me an indication on the wall

where that bottom hinge needs to go and

then I can put the top one so I'll do

that now


so right now the gate is sitting on the

floor if you put a level on that a

bubble it's right down there I'll bring

this gate level a gate on this side

needs to come up a good three inches so

what I've done you know to get my


I pulled bricks on the bottom one and I

say two on this side that's pretty much


I can micro adjust that on the hinge

once the gate is hung no luckily I'm

cheating a bit yeah this wall did used

to have hinges before so I've use the

ones that were on here but I've got a

different kind of set to put on so the

wall is already marked up but that's the

process you go through if it wasn't an

existing hinge on the wall get your

slope side level so you get can

definitely open and close there's no

point hanging in the gate and then

finding out the gate can open all the

way and then you're gonna read really

hall and that's not extra work that you

don't need now when you're I'm gonna get

much easier to start on the bottom and

I'll show you why so that's our hinge I

wanna hang that about there if I mark

one hole get that in and I can drill the

rest of the holes with a plate already

in place make sure that's perfectly

square and level I always take time when

you drill in the hole you weren't this

drill bit to go in perfectly square so

that you both will and don't start this

flat out because she move off the hall

slowly to get that initial hole and

ideally now if I pull a scree weld

that's so deep I need to go but always

go a little bit more because as you push

this down it's gonna push dust to the

bottom of the hole I mean you don't want

that just stop and its crew going all

the way so always a little a little bit

deeper than you need what you play it

back up for that in place so far I'm not

taking that up

now the drill the rest of them


the good trick I'm all-in so if it does

slightly move it's not a problem

East is absolutely brilliant I got

really good holes Massey old-fashioned

type you were to put a plug in there

twice the money I don't find the mass

words at all now this actually grips

into the brick thanks a thread and I

will never come off

no that bottom hinge is in there I'm

gonna put the gift on get the level and

that be able to measure the top hinge

and spar on he won't be a single gap on

the hinge


so if we get a level on that no she's

way off

so I'll get the bricks spring that up

let's leave the porn inch and then I'll

be able to market there alright so get

my level I'm gonna put that on the

bottom hinge I'm gonna lift that up

spot on there can't quite reach there so

I'm gonna slack gonna say off




same plot says again



here it is more than the truth far on

can't go better that know if you want to

see if I gave this hanger brakes or

proper ie there's got to hit the hinge

there and warfare

so bought the hinges a tick in the

weight not just the one ice absolutely

spiral novel as well notice you should

open all the way look at that


no synthesis perfectly level just going

to tighten up the ice and nothing can

slack or more simple as that so I think

it doesn't quite fit we can adjust there

and actually I think we might have to we

take a look on the other side here

that's get panco past the wood it's only

catching tiny bit on the bottom so I'm

just gonna bring the get back centimeter

and then this ball could be able to slot

into the corner or that building but

adjust these gates is really easy crack

it off there let's move that back a tiny

bit and see him on the bottom


no just check us level again fall on and

as you can see you know again it opens


now there's another little hole no stray

through the cornea this form can go

straight into a building like that I

want it in the building

it'd be a lot more secure where so I

just took out my drill bits we put a

little hole in there

job done then move that against the wood

that's left little dent in there for me

to go in be quite hard and drill this


spot on and that's it that's how you

hang it into a stone wall simple as

after nothing complicated about it you

just need some basic tools and you're

good to go and if you haven't got a big

drill a big gray drill is not expensive

one I think use fifty quid from screw

fix cheaper than getting someone else to

do it for you buy the drill and then you

can sell it there after or just keep

because there's always the jobs you need

a big drill for and it's to prove how

strong those thunderbolts I take my

weight no problem whatsoever that's

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