How to Change BBQ Gas Bottle

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hi folks now we're going to learn how to

change a gas bottle this is something

that I thought I'd do because my friend

Christina had no idea and she was

concerned about it

so basically this is pretty easy quick

it's no faster really just make sure

that all your attachments are still good

when you're changing like make sure

they're still nice and firm secure

everything here and that the actual

mounting isn't all very good so

basically what we first need to do we've

got a new gas bottle is take off this

packaging or labeling safety label you

can take this off if you want to the net

and then we just unscrew this okay you

make sure that this is closed obviously

I like to keep that on so when you

actually take it back I close it up

again and then you secure this

little bit bad with one hand filming

Plus far as you can okay alright now

that I've secured this very well alright

still on the clothes I'm going to hook

it up onto there so underneath er we saw

before we've got out face what we hook

it what's up okay

so hooked up down there that won't go

anywhere and all it is this is all

clothes nice and tight ready well it is

just a matter of turning it on open goes

the other way just turn it on takes a

little while for the gas to come through



it should work

start it on near the gas there you go we

have turns on the barbecue it's already

flames guys have to give it a good clean

and that's how simple it is so basically

when you have finished make sure you

turn it off and turn it off down here I

always have it turned off when I'm not

using it so you simply turn it off which

is close and then you pack your barbecue

away with the cover and that's it

particularly for my friend Christina

simple lady very simple the gas bottles

generally you can buy a column swap and

goes usually about 20 or so dollars

worth 25 or so dollars and it's jeez

they last me a long time I do a lot of

barbecuing so I hope you enjoyed that

very quick video you can find out more

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thanks so much bye