How to Wear a Garter Belt & Thigh-High Hose : Belts, Corsets, Earrings & More

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hello my name is Polina reuteman I'm a

costume designer and fashion stylist and

today we are at Mary Meyer clothing

boutique in Brooklyn New York and the

question I'm going to answer is how do

you wear a garter belt with thigh high

hose my beautiful model is wearing

fishnet thigh highs right now she's put

them up to the height that she wants you

can wear them lower you can wear them

higher it's a preference it's up to you

and she has everything fastened on her

garter belt except the one in her left

side and she's going to show you how to

do that what you do with a garter belt

the strap is the same as a bra you

adjust it higher or lower just as you

would your bra strap so she's adjusting

the length she wants it depends if

you're going to be sitting a lot you

might want it a little longer if you're

just going to be standing walking and

it's for show you can make it a little

tighter again it's all about your

comfort and your preference the way you

would put it on is there's a rubber part

and then a metal part on every garter

belt you take the rubber part and you

put that next to your skin in between

your skin and the garter belt and then

the metal part will go over over the

thigh high and there's a little bit of

like a dot on the rubber part that

you're going to stick through the

pantyhose and then stick through the

white part of the metal part which sits

at the top and then slide it down to the

narrow part of the metal part to lock it

in so that it doesn't it doesn't open on

you as you're walking my name is Polina

Reutemann and I just answered how do you

wear a garter belt with thigh high hose

thank you for watching