How to use garden hose with indoor faucet

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hey guys so in this video I'm gonna show

you what you can do if you live in an

apartment and you have a patio or a

garden area outside and you don't have

any water supply in your patio and if

you like me on the option you have is

carrying this two gallon water bucket

every time you want to water and that

need several retreats to your kitchen or

to a bathroom and your patio another

option is to use some of the hose pipes

so initially I was looking at one of

this expandable host thing which is

available in Home Depot Walmart most of

the hardware section and another option

I had was to use a regular hose pipes

these are basically cheaper it costs

around eight to ten dollar based on over

from you are getting it is the cheapest

option I had and there are many hosts

buyers costs away more than this one but

for my purpose I really just was looking

for the cheapest one and this one I

don't recommend for apartment use

because for me the problem is right my

kitchens right there which is around 20

to 25 feet from this better place and

this thing will expand as it mentioned

so when the water pressure is on but

when the water pressure is gone when you

switch it off then the pipe can retract

inside and spilled water all over here

which I never wanted to happen so that's

why we went for the regular hose pipe in

Walmart and Home Depot it costs around 8

or 9 and a half dollar for 50 feet which

will be exactly the length I need from

here to my kitchen in order to connect

this hose properly in the kitchen faucet

there is a challenge of connecting this

garden hose directly with the kitchen

faucet to the main reason is the outside

is not built in such a way so that you

can screw this mountain what you have to

do is first you have to take this

extended part out which is known as The


even after that we cannot put it in so

now you need something called coupler or

I would say app adapter where one side

will go insert a kitchen faucet and

other side will get screwed in to your

garden hose mount so first I will

replace the existing rubber washer so

that the water doesn't come out of there

won't be any leakage so I will put this

side in and on the other side I will

screw my garden hose mount okay so as

you can see right now my garden hose is

tightly secured my kitchen faucet now

one of the best thing of this coupler is

that based on this plastic thing you can

take this part out so that you don't

have to take this mount again and again

and you can use your kitchen faucet for

your regular use and whenever you need

you can just take this thing and you can

just connect a popular with your head of

the faucet and you are ready to go


then you can use any spray turn to water

your plants hope this helps thanks