House Addition | Finished Roof Framing | Day 23

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almost a Bonaparte here framing is it's

easy especially when it's not welcome

back to the house edition this morning

we're gonna get right to work

putting the sheathing on the bottom of

the trusts that way I can use that plumb

them up so let's go ahead and get


I thought I would cut it up here but I'm

just gonna cut it on the pile

I know it'll have a non factory edge

that doesn't hold it against me I'll

have to remove all these nails


but it not be said that I'm not focused

on getting the shot


it mostly looks pretty good

so because I laid the studs out from the

inside of the house out and set it from

the corner in it made all my lines off

so I actually just have to put blocks in

the bays down here just so I can shoot



Wow that is extremely low


every time I do this that the angle I

think it is way too shallow


so you can see I do have a raptor

that'll land right here and I don't want

to waste a lot of time with all this

demo work so the problem becomes how

much do I cut now and how much do I wait

to cut later so at least what I want to

do is maybe remove all the tar elements

and that way when I cut it later at

least it'll be clean cuts and I won't

ruin blades because I'm coming up

through asphalt or something




now I'm going to focus on getting these

rafters cut


now I also have to pitch the cut but I

have to cut it this way



so what I'm gonna do is even though I

got this board and it's continuous and

nailed down here I think I'm going to

mark back from that line here and then

cut this board and then I'll be able to

run a continuous rafter all the way up

to the ridge and it'll tack into this

sub patient


now the ladder down the ladder again so

this fan housing is directly in the path

of where my ledger board will need to be

placed so I need to remove it I don't

want to but I have to take this out


I just took the measurement 157 inches

for the plate that'll go on the roof I'm

gonna go ahead and cut that and then

I'll set that on and I could even start

doing some of the rafters I think I

might try to do that today I want to try

to get as much done as possible so now

that I have two plate installed I'm

gonna shift over and pull the tie back

back just like on the other side and

solve the sheathing so I can plumb out

the trusses then I can do the sub fascia

and run that over


I think I'm gonna go ahead and sign off

now I'm gonna try to finish up these

last couple rappers by then it might be

too dark to film so I hope to see you in

the next clip well I will probably get

into the shield so I'll see that



well I got it done cheating tomorrow