2 ways to attach a Faux Fur Pom Pom

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hello and welcome to the Marley bird

YouTube channel in this video I want to

show you a couple different ways to

attach a faux fur pom-pom to your

crocheted hat you've spent all this time

making these really cute crocheted hats

and you've seen these fun faux fur

pom-poms at the store but you just don't

know how to attach them I have two

different ways that I have used to

attach these pom poms

the first one is to actually sew a

button into the inside of the Hat and

then this elastic bit of the pom pom I

just thread it through the top of the

Hat and just let it wrap around the

button and I have a nice little pom-pom

super easy the second way is to actually

add yarn to this pom pom it has a nice

foam sort of soft core to the center of

this pom pom so what I'm gonna do is

thread some yarn or cotton string to a

nice sharp needle okay so I have a nice

sharp needle here and where the elastic

is I am actually going to thread this

needle through my pom-pom around that

same area

okay so I've pushed it through the

pom-pom and I'm gonna give myself some

nice length

okay so I've just pushed it through once

that's all I need give myself a nice bit

of length here cut it off and remove my

little needle there once I have this

thread through its through the core of

the pom-pom it is nice and snug but I am

gonna go ahead and just tie a nice

double knot here so our surgeon's knot

so I wrapped it through once and I wrap

it through again see that so it's

wrapped through twice and it's given a

nice pull once I have that yarn or

string thread through the core of my pom


I will take a tapestry needle or a

darning needle and thread both of the

strands from my yarn or string through

the tapestry needle okay then I find the

top of my hat and I thread those strings

right through the top of the Hat looks

pretty good so far I normally would just

turn my hat inside out then and weave

these tails in to secure it to the

inside of the Hat but what if I want to

remove that pom-pom so that I can wash

the Hat I want to be able to do that

here's what I do instead of weaving

these in I will grab a nice big button

look at that button and the first thing

I need to do is make sure that my

tapestry needle can fit through that

buttonhole well that tapestry needle

doesn't fit but I have a slightly

smaller one here then I know will fit

through that buttonhole fairly easy so

what I'm going to do now is I will take

each one of these strands individually

and I am going to thread it through one

hole of this button now this button

happens to have four holes doesn't

matter I'm just going to use two of them

so I thread it through first one I grab

the other strand put it through the

needle put it through the other

buttonhole and pull it up okay now I can

remove those needles I'm not going to

need them I now have these strings

pulled really nice and tight through

these buttonholes and or this button

these button holes yes the right English

and I will simply just tie them on there

all right I'm not going to tie a knot

because I want to be able to remove this

button and faux-fur pom-pom when I want

to wash my hat so I've just tied it once

I could do a double tie if I want to do

that like if I want to make it a little

bit more secure I could just do a double

tie just like that and then I can go

ahead snip these a little bit closer no

big deal and now when I turn my hat the

right-side out look at

that it's like super secure it's not

going anywhere the button is just

holding this in place and the string

there is keeping it nice and snug now I

will tell you that if you use a cotton

thread or a nylon thread through the

pom-pom and attach it to the Hat

it actually works the best because you

can really tie those stitches nice and

snug around the button but for the most

part doing it with some yarn in a pinch

it works just fine look that's not going


now you know how to add your faux

pom-pom to your crocheted hat in two

different ways very very fun and easy

next time you make a cute hat add a

pom-pom and look absolutely fashionable

and on-trend I'm Marley bird this is the

Marley bird YouTube channel talk to you


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