DIY How To Make a Detachable Faux Fur Collar

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so I'm going to show you guys how to

make a faux fur collar that not only is

going to be DIY so it's going to be

incredibly inexpensive but it's going to

be detachable so you can attach it on to

any coat a t-shirt a sweater a vest like

I'm wearing it's really fun and it costs

a fraction so much to dress it up to all

sewing machine yeah I do see glue so how

do we detach with her okay yeah so it's

the magnets this is what it really all

comes down to I'm gonna link to these

these exact magnets that I bought on my

website so you guys can get these

they're incredibly strong they really

give you everything that you need it

comes with like 50 so you can make

never-ending collars see it'll just like

so what you're gonna do so yeah so you

need your you need your fur you need a

hot glue gun scissors and your magnums

okay so good start let's get to do this

so the first thing that you need is your

material if you happen to have like I

have right here this I bought at a

thrift store it's it's own little scarf

so you could use this if you have it and

you know you love it and go for it if

not go to a fabric store and look in the

faux fur section

the fabric is gonna come you can see how

long this is Wow oh yeah and there's

really beautiful bright colors we

actually a photo of this really cool

jacket it's got a bright blue collar

this was one of the biggest strategies

you know really cool colors so if you

can get your hands on a color like this

do it if not we have another photo of a

more kind of classic for a look whose

own Olivia Palermo she's seen in fur all

over New York City she's one of my

favorite and so you can do that as well

so your fabric is gonna come like this

when you buy fabric the goods are gonna

be a certain width so this is a probably

about sixty inches this is the width of

it mm-hmm no matter what I only bought

an eighth of a yard so that's what this

distance is here okay yeah I don't want

to get anybody so that's our distance

here so all you need is an eighth of the

yard this cost me like three dollars oh

so it's like not I mean these are super

super inexpensive to make but if I'm

using something cuz my mom had one of

these yeah what am I gonna ruin it

no because so I'll show you if you can

see in here see this magnet yeah this is

this isn't adhered at all oh it's the

mat and they're next this young I was

saying how strong these are see the

magnet is

so all you would do is place it where

you want it anyway it's so strong that

it's gonna find it shut the front door

yeah you don't even need to know where

it is it just finds it because it's so

foul so that's it so that's the reason

why it doesn't look good and it doesn't

damage your clothes what about like

cutting it to make sure that it's the

perfect size so here we've got a couple

of coats what you would do what I would

recommend doing is put it on and just

sort of lay it over and figure out the

length that you would want so let's say

for this one I want to do a longer

collar and I'm like you know what that

dress is up that coat just like that

color so beautiful and so this is this

is it that's why I'm like okay that's a

good point

so now take it off you know that that's

about what you want and just cut okay

very easy yada-yada-yada you cut so now

this is the length you could if you

wanted and you're comfortable with the

sewing machine you could sew it so that

it becomes a little bit skinnier anytime

you're sewing anything you always go

face to face this is the face of the

fabric so you go face to face and then

you would sew and flip it inside out

right okay so that's that's an obvious

now for this one what I'm gonna do is I

want to create that little these sort of

subtle points that kind of curves so in

order to do it without a sewing machine

we're gonna just go like this and so

we're just gonna glue in why not okay I

don't believe how easy you make these

things yeah well they are they're not

they don't look you see they are

inspired me Wow okay so that would be

basically and if you've got a little

extra point there you go to my and just

get rid of it okay so now the next thing

is your magnet you're gonna just glue

one side of the magnet so you can see a

little hot glue action and you just put

it there hold yeah and leave it like

that and now you do you would do the

other side and that way when you lay it

on your collar

you've got your anchor point did you

show us how you attach it to the collar

well yeah so like coach so like the

other side just four speeds yet it won't

do but so you would just pick your

placement and then under here it just it

holds right there in this mega

so it's in place so you know and you can

see even that's really subtle and super

simple you would obviously you know take

a look or drive and how many magnets

would you want to put around the outside

do you need more than just well either

in I so for example for this one this is

a short collar so like I'm gonna just

put a mark up here I'm actually gonna

come oh yeah that feels very nice so for

this what I did just so you can see real

quick there's one that you can I mean I

don't even have to do them right you can

just see they plop right on so I did two

neck anchors because what that's gonna

do is it's gonna hold right here and

sometimes on a shorter collar I say you

want it you want to hold the guys yeah

so and then you would do it here look at

that that is genius this is a shorter

one we are gonna put the full

instructions on this fabulous DIY that

or Lee's provided on our page or you can

go to Orly Shanny comm don't go away

because we have some favorite home and

family moments then we're gonna share

with you all day long there's great

Fabio Viviani is going to show us how to

make this delicious pork shoulder next