How To Easily Make A Custom Mirror Frame

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in this video I'm going to show you how

I updated this old bathroom mirror by

building a custom industrial farmhouse

mirror frame let's get started before we

begin building the frame let's check out

what tools we'll need we're going to

need a tape measure a screwdriver a

drill and some drill bits also grab a

marking pencil and some fuse it by

liquid nails gorilla glue and other

brands worked great but I found this

particular fuse at brand to be the best

as it dries fast and sticks to glass

also pick up some two-and-a-half-inch

ever built flat corner braces you'll

need a total of four braces and I got

this set for about $2 you'll also need

some black spray-paint I got this

hammered texture from rust-oleum to give

the metal a more rustic look

to get the right length of wood you'll

need to measure the mirror horizontally

and vertically then add an inch to each

side so if your mirrors 36 inches tall

add an extra inch to that I went with

some 1 by 4 pressure-treated lumber my

mayor's 3 by 5 so I needed over 16 feet

a quick tip if you're nice to the Home

Depot guy he'll cut the lumber for you

if you don't have a truck if you can't

find anyone to cut it for you

you can also buy pre-cut lumber like

this make sure to buy enough to include

the extra inch on your measurement once

you have your wood take a miter saw and

cut a 45-degree angle on the edge these

45-degree angles are going to be used

for the corners


cut the same angle on each end in the

opposite direction with the cuts made

line out the boards and make sure that

everything lines up correctly everything

looks good so let's go to the working

garage and stain it I first recommend

throwing down some plastic or some

newspaper grab the boards and you'll

need to start sanding them I started

with a 220 grit sander as the wood was

already very smooth make sure to sand

all surface areas including the edges

and end pieces and even the side that

won't be showing I did come across

several flaws in the wood and ended up

using a heavier grit sandpaper a heavier

grain sandpaper like this does a better

job as smoothing out rough areas the

heavier grit worked especially well

around the knots in the wood

once it's all sanded you'll want to

clean it off by using a towel or an air

gun make sure it's very clean and you're

good to start staining I went with this

Vera Thames Jacobean stain quick tip

always labelled a stain to the project

this allowed me to match the color from

the towel rack video to apply the stain

use a lint-free flour sack cloth you can

also use an old t-shirt just make sure

it's clean and lint-free to apply the

stain soak up the cloth and apply in the

same direction as the grain the more

stain you use the darker the wood will

be let the end soak up like a sponge and

it will avoid tearing up the cloth just

like when we sanded make sure to get all

surface areas of the wood I ended up

going with about two coats to get a

darker look once the color was right

I set it aside to dry next up is to

spray paint a flat corner braces and

screws oh hi baby to apply the paint

line up the braces on the floor then use

a spray paint and evenly apply a coat

make sure to get the end of the screws

as well avoid spraying the threaded

portion as it can make it difficult to

screw in also avoid spraying your

wedding ring as it's hard to clean off

the paint the hammered spray paint dries

very quickly but looks great the

textured layer paint adds a worn look to

the brace now a quick lesson learned

avoid spraying small things like nails

on plastic as

wind blew the plastic over and I had to

apply an extra coat of paint spraying on

scrap wood or paper is much better all

right with the wood stain we're now able

to put up the frame quick tip we're

working with small screws so make sure

to close the drain these plastic braces

stick out too far so I need to remove

them if your mirrors not glued to the

wall be ready to catch it if it falls

when you take these out we're actually

going to put new screws in but this time

into the studs to give more support to

the mirror I found that using a lock

washer like this helped the screw fit

more flush against the mirror using a

grabber screw I drill into the stud but

go very slow when I get to the end

another look you can see that the lock

washer fits much more cleanly at the end

of the screw tests that the mirror is

sturdy and we can put on the frame when

I film this I use this version of liquid


however the quick dry fuse at version I

showed earlier is much better this took

too long to dry when you apply the glue

go on a wave pattern and only go about

2/3 the width of the wood I was overly

cautious starting out and ended up

putting on a little more glue than shown

here but make sure you put the glue and

inch down from the visible edge of the

mirror or else it will be reflected in

the mirror glass when he put it on

that's why I recommend applying glue

only about 2/3 or 3/4 the width of the

wood be careful not to apply too much

glue in the angled corners as it can be

reflected there as well I applied

pressure to the bottom piece until it

was firm then put on the right left and

top sides I had to hold each piece until

the glue was dry enough that the wood

stayed firm switching to fuse it glue

made it go much faster final step is to

put on the flat braces I use the 764 bit

to pre-drill the holes


wait till the glue is dry enough before

applying the screws

I finished the brackets on all sides and

you're done the frame looks fantastic I

love how there's minor flaws in the wood

as it gives it a very rustic feel I was

surprised the most at how strongly the

glue held the wood the frame is very

sturdy and doesn't move at all in the

reflection you can see how well it

matches the towel rack we previously

built and the two complement each other

very well it's amazing to see how

something as simple as a mayor frame

transform the look of this room

especially as the project cost less than

$24 this mirror frame video is part of a

bathroom update series with other videos

that I'll have linked below thanks so

much for watching and have a great day



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