AR-15 - NEW Magpul M-LOK Vertical Grip! MOE MVG

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hey guys and a cat5 and today what we're

looking at are some m-lok accessories

from Magpul and i've been super excited

for these to finally come out and these

are the direct attached 4m LOC rails

such as my guys lee mark 8 now usually

what ends up happening on a modular rail

is you will have your rail obviously and

then you'll have to attach a small

Picatinny rail section and then attach

your accessory so it just adds a little

bit more bulk and a little bit more

weight but in this case Magpul now has

for example their emily em lock vertical

grip and i'm just going to show you how

to attach this and how easy it is and

then also how much more streamline it

actually looks when attaching this grip

so let's go ahead and take a look at the

Magpul m lock vertical form so as you

can see on the vertical grip here it's

very similar to the same stippling type

texture that's on like the mo e SL grip

so it does match that and i believe it's

the same stippling that's also on the k2

grip as well very texture ii it's got

the ribs on the front and back and

setting up m lock is is really quite

easy you basically have your your

camming t nut just going to set it in

place just like so and then i hold that

in place with this finger and i just

have a allen wrench with a magnet that I

used to hold the screw in place and just

dive right in there

and screw it into place now basically

with M lock all you're doing is you're

setting the depth for your rail section

each M lock rail may have a slightly

different thickness so you just want to

set this up so when you cam it it locks

into place nice and secure so I have

this one already set up I'm just going

to tighten this one a little bit and

then I'll show you exactly how it goes

on the way we're going to do first here

is I'm going to remove the M lock pick

and tiny section that I have on my mark

a trail because I will not need this

anymore and you just unscrew it you'll

feel the cam turn it'll come right off

what's really neat about M lock is that

you can put it in between each section

so basically this recoil lug right here

I believe that's what it's called please

correct me if I'm if I'm wrong but that

will allow you to attach it halfway in

between like so does not move

side-to-side like that because of that

lug or you can do half increments or

full increments as you can see here so

it really adds a lot of versatility but

we're going to go ahead and take our

vertical foregrip here and I'm just

going to line the t-nuts up like so and

I think I'm going to add mine right

about here

you'll feel the t-nut twist into place

and that's it it's now attached yeah

it's uh it's not going anywhere so this

is just one of the new direct attach em

lock devices that Magpul has come out

with just real quick some other ones

that they have are the bipod mount which

is actually pretty awesome for attaching

like a Harris bipod on an SPR or a DMR

that's really neat and let's see what

else they have here they have the M lock

QD sling mount an n lock offset light or

optic mount so if you had a backup red

dot sight or you want to offset your

flashlight this is another really great

option so hope you guys enjoyed this

really short video on M lock devices

that are new from Magpul especially the

direct attach a vertical foregrip which

I am definitely a big fan of very

streamlined no added Picatinny rail

super lightweight as well so thanks for

watching guys make sure to check me out

on Facebook and Instagram nsz 85 have a

good day see you later