How To Attach And Send A Folder By Email

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hey everyone today we're going to do a

quick video on the how to send a folder

through your email now this may seem

elementary for some people but for

others they find that they can't send

folders and they don't know why so what

I'm going to do is just a quick tip

video on how to do that and we're going

to start with first having a folder here

and let me go ahead and open up my

browser hit compose and if you saw my

other video we could you know typically

just drag and drop a file so for

instance we can hit attach a file so for

instance we can just go ahead and open

up this file here we have a couple of

pictures and what we want to do is we

want to send maybe a couple of these now

what we can do is we can actually grab

them and drag it in here and attach it

that way now what if we want to send the

whole folder instead of one by one and

all the differences well we can do that


so instead of doing that let's go ahead

and remove this one and we'll go ahead

and started getting compose a new mail

now if you try to do a whole folder it's

as attachment fail you can't do a whole

folder just like this so what we can do

is we'll do what's called creating a zip

file you can right-click on a Windows

machine and click on send to compressed

zip folder now we have our zip folder

that was just created here and from

there we can now attach it and drag it

in here so on a Windows machine that's

how that would work now the same thing

can be done on a Mac so while this is

uploading let's go over to our Mac

screen and this is how this is the

folder that we have that we want to now

send off and on a Mac all you need to do

is you can either hold your ctrl key

down while you click on it if you have a

single mouse or if you have two buttons

on your mouse simply right click and

click on compress my folder to sin

the Mac will then create this zip folder

and you can now attach this to your

email program and it will be sent out

from there so let's check back to see if

our attachment is done and it is and all

we need to do now is go ahead and send

our the zip file so the other side

people today with anything with a

Windows XP and above and most the Mac

programs can automatic unzip zip files

without a problem and you'll be able to

send out your multiple files thank you

for joining us and that's another tips

microscopes and Chris calm thanks