Add Attachment in Email in Outlook

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hello and welcome to this course on

Microsoft Outlook 2016 and in this video

we will learn how to add attachments to

our emails in the last video we had

learn how to go ahead and write an email

now we will learn how to add an

attachment so if you want to add an

attachment of course we will be filling

in the two CC BCC sections subject we

will write say email with attachment all

right and then certain actions are

multiple ways the easiest one is going

to insert tab and attach a file it

should click on this you will see a few

emails a few recent documents that would

have been used or you can use this

option browse this PC and then you can

go anywhere and select a file so and

click insert and it gets inserted that

is one way there is another way out so

for example this is where your file is

located you click on this file which you

want to insert there's a control C or do

a copy all right copy and go to your

email and in the mail body press paste

alright the control V or East it gets

pasted it also you can drag a file so it

for example I want to drag this file I

just need to go to die drag it to my

email in the body section and it gets

attached so easy right also you can

attach an outlook item we will be

covering business card calendars and

signatures later outlook item is usually

your email that you want to attach so

for example this is an email which I

want to attack right attach I select it

and click on OK ok select insert it as

an attachment you want to delete an

attachment before sending it you simply

click over here and delete it it's gone

and then you just mentioned the two and

the CC and the VCCS and click on send as

simple as that so this is how we send

email using outlet route outlook and you

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