How to attach and sent a folder in Gmail ?

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the bell icon hello everyone welcome to

my channel

free cooking tutorial so in this video I

am going to show you how to access them

and send a folder in Gmail so let's

begin the tutorial so unfortunately in

this email there is no options to add a

folder in the air Testament so when we

try to attach the app folder into Gmail

it instead of selecting the folder it

oven inside of the folder so to send a

folder there are two methods which I am

going to show you in this video so watch

this video so to send a folder into

those email attachment all you need to

do is right click on this folder and

click on send to compressed zipped

folder so you can see here one more

folder is created with the same name

so no you can send this compressive

folder in the attachment you can see

here it's no folder is just in medieval

and now another way by which you can

send folder is them by using Google

Drive so first log in to your Google

Drive account and upload your folder

into Google Drive by clicking on new and

upload folder and select your folder

first upload it into Google Drive

after we have uploaded the portal into

your Google Drive now in your Gmail

account click on compose and instead of

clicking on attest well click on insert

file using Drive click here and now

select your folder which you have just

uploaded into Google Drive this is the

this is my folder which I have uploaded

into Google Drive just now and click on

insert so this will create a link to my

Google Drive of this folder so when I

sent click on sent it so now click on


here you will see two options one is

shared with one person's that is whom I

have shared this link that person only

able to view this folder and if I click

on the second options day anyone who

gets this link will able to access this

folder click on send so in this way you

can send a folder in to the email