The fold-over clasp

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hello this is Patricia from invincible

art and I'd like to talk to you about

the fold-over clasp I think it is not

very well known because it doesn't go

with every designer but when it goes I

like to use it a lot because it is

secure and very easy to put on by

yourself so when you receive your

jewelry and we look like that and it's

easy to open but you may wonder am one I

am sure closed it up properly so that it

is secure and this is what I'm going to

show you so to open it it's easy you

just put and if the lived across the top

part of the clasp and here we go to put

it back you sleep the clasp

into the wing and it doesn't matter if

it's here or here okay but not not

anywhere else and you just cruise it you

have to click it's on and it's secure so

now I'm going to show you how I put it

on by myself oh it is easy to do that so

here is of course I have to put it so

here is the wing let me put that in

front the clasp I cruise it click and

it's on secure you can go on with your

day so here it is if you have any

question don't hesitate to ask me if

you'd like to check my work the link to

my website is below and enjoy your new

jewelry bye bye oh well