How To Attach A Leader To A Fly Line

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well howdy friends brian flechsig of mad

river outfitters in the midwest

fly-fishing schools and welcome to

another one of our fly-fishing tutorials

you know we've gotten tons and tons of

requests to film things here on our

youtube channel we really appreciate it

and a big bulk of the stuff has been

getting started in fly-fishing type of

things so one of the biggest requests

Believe It or Not has been how to attach

a leader properly attach a leader to the

fly line so we did this one of three or

four years back but it's I know it's

buried down there and we did a long time

ago so we thought we'd just refresh it

and do it again so here we go how to

properly attach a leader to the tip your

fly line when you buy a leader off the

shelf and a fly shop it's gonna come

coiled up like this and one end is going

to be thicker the tapered and then

you'll be tapered down to the thin part

you're tipping fat end will also have a

loop tied in it and that's going to make

this really easy but when I take the

leader out of the package I put it in

between my my index my middle and my

ring finger and I'm gonna undo the fat

part it's kind of twisted around there

so I undo those coils it's gonna come

right off your fingers nice and easy and

you're not gonna run the risk of getting

it all tangled up and not I've seen so

many people over the years struggle with

getting a leader out of the package

seems Elementary but there is kind of a

correct way to do it and then another

thing that you want to do is you want to

run it through your fingers like this or

we actually sell leader straighteners

you can buy a leader straighten it to do

that I usually just do it with my hands

no big deal and it takes the coils right

out of that leader it's gonna behave

better for you it's gonna cast better

it's gonna fish better so now when you

buy a fly line almost all modern-day fly

lines come with a factory welded loop in

the end of them

okay so you've got the factory welded

loop on

and if you're filing and you now have a

loop in the butt section of your leader

if you're buying a leader from a fly

shop I almost guarantee it's gonna have

a loop in it if it doesn't go back and

find my video on tying a perfection loop

and you'll be able to put that loop in

there yourself but for the basics for a

beginner and intermediate for that

matter attaching your leader to your fly

line it's a simple loop to loop

connection okay but there's a right way

in a wrong way of doing it so the right

way is you want to take the loop in the

line and you want to insert that through

the loop and the leader okay so it's

line through leader and then you're

going to take the leader I always just

kind of double it up right here and push

that through the loop in the fly line

then you're going to bring the entire

length of the leader through and now

you've got a perfect it looks like a

square knot basically and so you've got

a perfect square knot look in handshake

loop to loop connection and that's all

you need to do I want you to worry more

about your leader and your tip and

getting that right in the future than

having to worry about tying any kind of

fancy knot right here okay now there is

a wrong way to do this and I see this a

lot it's very very important if you go

the opposite direction

if you take the loop and the leader and

you go through the loop and the fly line

first okay and then and then the only

thing you can do is bring the leader

through itself then you form what's

called a cutting hitch okay and I don't

need to tell you that by just by the

words alone a cutting hitch is not good

you're gonna wind up cutting into this

loop you're gonna wind up kinking that

loop and your leader it's just there's

nothing good about that so make sure

that you don't do it the wrong way go

line through leader first and then

leader through line gives it

perfect square knot connection handshake

looking you'll be all set

worried about your leader we'll be doing

some stuff we've had a lot of questions

about leaders we'll be doing some stuff

on leaders here coming up so stay tuned

as always subscribe to our Channel and

thanks for watching