Candelabra Flower Arrangement Floristry Tutorial

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hi and welcome to my place it's a busy

day here today because I've had lots of

requests for lots of information and the

first thing I'm going to do today is to

answer I think your name is Patricia I'm

not sure and I don't know where in the

world you come from but you have asked

if I could show you how to do flowers

into a candelabra I have hunted high and

low and this is all I could find

now when you're doing anything like this

there are things that you need to know

about because usually you would use the

central area of your candelabra and have

the flowers falling away from there now

these are the things that you can use

you can get these little things here

these are called I don't know the candle

cups that go into here but what I have

discovered is that invariably that there

is too long so that has to be cut and

then you could either glue that in or

you could use some BlueTEC this is okay

but it's just a little bit too deep here

which means that you would have to put

flowers over there if you did use that

you can use a hunk of foam and whit

there and then put that into there but

to keep it in place and I'm sort of

thinking well maybe you're going to be

making them off location and then taking

them onto location you're going to have

to make sure these are really sturdy and

that would fall out so what you could do

is use some tape

take the tape across there then glue it

in and I'd put a couple of bits of tape

on there the thing that I don't like

about this is the tape is too wide so

when you try to get your flowers and

you're going to be hitting that little

bit there so there is one solution the

other solution is you can get these

little things here and there like a

little plastic pen holder you could use

one of those and you could glue that

into the and then what you could do is

you could get something like that and

you could place that onto there you

problem though is that this is going to

drip and you're going to have to cover

that in something so that that doesn't

ruin the silver or whatever you're using

to put the candles into my solution and

this is one that I love this here is one

of those lady holders or Oh

as holders for bouquet so what I've done

with us is I've just taken the handle

off they're given it a so taken the

handle off and then what I would do is I

would glue this into here my glue gun is

about to die but be with me now I know

that the some of you out there going I'm

not going to put hot glue into my

candelabra what if I ruin it well it's

all easy because once it's and they will

push that into there and you just stick

into there once that you take it all to

pieces just put the whole candelabra

into the freezer and then you can just

whip that out of it okay right from

there the next thing I like to do is to

put my candle and you don't have to put

a central color

candolyn but I actually like to do that

and what I have discovered over the

years is get a Stanley knife or a craft

knife and cut a whole heap of that wax

off there so that you're now going to be

putting something that doesn't take up

much space in to the center there and

what usually happens is rounds in two

rounds will move whereas that will not

move the other fizzle tip I wanted to

share with you is that with your candles

if you put them into the freezer they

will last twice as long we tip for me

right from there the next thing that we

need to do is to put the leaves around

now I've got some ivy leaves or I've got

some camellia leaves and what I've done

with these as I've just wire them now

because you're not going to see the wire

what you do is just get you a liquid

leaf here's a leaf here here's one it's

got a few holes in up and don't worry

about that take your wire up under there

so that it's coming through there and

then bring that down to there and then

just wire that around there now you

don't want to have too long a wire

because that will actually start

interfere but all I really want to do is

to get rid of that white but you

possibly could paint that but hey look I

can cover it up with leaves so it's just

as easy as quick as exactly the same

methodology as I showed you how to make

a round posy of flowers so say that's

your middle there so what you do on that

side you do on this side and

take your leads like push your leaves

and and then point those little leaves

down so that you can cover there so

remembering what you're doing one side

you do and the other what you do at that

side you come over and do it on this

side now you're probably thinking why

doesn't she just get rid of those

candles because they are in the road

the reason I'm keeping them there is

because that helps me with my

proportioning so just keep going until

all of those little leaves are in there

and you are covering that white but but

sometimes it doesn't actually matter

especially if you use in white flowers

that can just be sort of like part of it

but we're possible I like to actually

cover those up so I've put one two there

and I'll just bring one more into that

side there right you can go into there

and then on top of that what I think

I'll do is I'll just put another little

run of leaves and you'll notice that

I've started at the base and what I'm

doing is I'm actually starting to

graduate my leaves in and up so that

goes to there and then we'll bring

another bit to there so I'm just going

to stop talking for a minute so that we

can just get the stone and then we can

come back in a we mo Minh and I'm going

to show you how to put the flowers and

and the other thing before I go is just

remember that you're going to put the

weight of the flowers has to actually be

incorporated with the foliage so be very

careful of your foliage and flower

selection but anyway I'll be back in a

we're moment with the rest of the

foliage that I'm going to use okay so

that we've put our posy holder in we've

put the leaves around to make a nice

little collar just to reiterate go and

have a look at the basic fundamentals of

how to do a round posy of flowers

because that's exactly what we're doing

okay so with our little we color of

leaves it's now in to determining how

big or how long or how small we want to

go from this point here now I have the

choice of going as far out as I like and

I actually for something like this to

give extension is to get long bit of ivy

and I love it when I can get a piece

like this that's got like with one

application I can get three bits of well

you know one two three four

survivor coming off that so it's just a

matter of what you do there on that side

you can bring it over and do it the same

on the other side like so getting rid of

those butts so now what's happening is

I'm coming up and across and over like

this the next thing to do is to actually

put another piece in through to there

and another piece and through to there

so that we've got this lovely little

flow on now I have said this lots and

lots of times and I'm going to say it

again when you are working with ivy Ivy

is fabulous stuff it's got a little life

of its own and I hunted everywhere for

something that looked like that

and couldn't find it but never mind it

doesn't matter the other thing to

remember is that if you're going to have

a big long trail over the side you need

to balance it out and make sure that

you've got big long Tralee but over this

side now normally a candelabra like this

would be running along a table and the

other thing to remember is that you

don't want to have too much weight

because you've still got to put flowers

into there but you can make this as I

said you can make this be as long or as

short as you want to because I've done

that over there so there we are I'm

pretty much balanced as balanced as I

need to be without being too pedantic

about it but what's happening on this

side is now happening on this side and

then what we need is to get a couple of

little bits and I like to just have a

little bit on that side there and then

bring a little bit about the same size

over to the other side and you can press

put some in there and in there if you

wanted to but I have another selection

of foliage that I'd like to use I've got

this lovely ruscus so same process put a

piece of ruscus and there and then one

about the same size bring that over to

there now you see why I wanted to get my

candles and keep my candles in at this

stage because I've got to actually

incorporate those into the design so

from there the other thing I need to do

is because I've got this foliage around

the outside I need that transition of

foliage into the center now I'm only

going to use little little bits and the

other thing to remember is that when

you are burning a candle in the middle

here you don't want to have your foliage

too high

possibly a candle this height you know

you can buy them where they've been for

three six or nine hours so make sure

when you're buying you're putting your

candles and that you factor in the

height of your foliage so that we don't

have any little fires okay so once again

the same process what I've done there

I've done on the side what I've done

there I've done on that side normally I

would put more foliage on either side

but I've still got flowers to put into

here so in one or a couple of seconds

I'll be back to show you from there how

to put the flowers and in turn it into

something beautiful isn't this easy well

we're all foliage dup and we're ready to

go with the classic candelabra look how

big it's getting I just love it right in

front of me I have all of my flowers I'm

only going to use the lisianthus because

the well that was all I could get my

thought that that would do I'd love to

use roses but normally what I would do

is if I was doing a wedding I would

determine what the bride's flowers were

going to be and then incorporate those

flowers into this right we need to now

do a little color of flowers around the

outside so we'll start with our little

baby ones and we'll put one two there

one over to there and I'm we're still

working through the base up one to that

side one to that side one over to there

and it's little graduation steps all the

way up as we work our way around but

basically if you just stick to the basic

concepts as I've shown you over the last

few weeks if you've been following me

you'll understand where I'm coming from

right so there are my flowers so the

little ones at the outside and then what

we're going to do is we're going to

start to come in with slightly smaller

flowers and I just don't want that bit

there so one two there one over two


those off the ocean pedal I like

everything to be cat before I start so

it's just a matter of going wet wet wet

wet wreck

Nix Laden and I'm slowly running out of

room here so I have to be very careful

okay the next step is to bring something

slightly bigger towards the center very

carefully as I push these in and down

but it's really interesting you know

when I work with these little these are

posy holders just how much you can

actually get into them right so having a

little we look at where we've gone here

we've gone from the little one and we've

gradually snip those and working into

the center where the flowers are

starting to get bigger and I need to

just cut that but they're off there put

that little bit into there like that

right now it's just a matter of bringing

these bigger flowers in to the center

it's how easy is this bring that down

into there and then we'll bring another

one in over to be it like so we're going

to be very careful in here and I don't

know where I'm going in here because I

can't see hopefully you can okay and

then I've got a little space there I'll

just bring that little one into there

and then bring another one in beside

that too there right I've got spaces not

a problem this is when you can get your

little bits of foliage and you can just

stick those into there to cover those

and then going to these little baby

lisianthus these little buddy bits and

then they can go in amongst the other

little spaces that you've got here and

just keep going until they are all

covered now if I had another flower like

a little rose I could press put those in

but with the magic of being well

organized I've actually got some lovely

lovely lovely little green

chrysanthemums so what I'll do with

those is I've just cut those really

short and I want you to know that if

you're ever in doubt and not quite sure

what kind of flowers to use or you're

wrong you don't know how to get colors

writer or something that you

just stick with green now with these I'm

just going to slowly just stick those

into their little baby cow succulents

would be quite beautiful and here or you

could put chips off Fleur it all depends

on what you can find and what you choose

to use ok bringing those up into there

and the next thing I want to do is and

it's so much easier when you use big

bits like this

take that n2v it like so right from

there you can also if you wanted to

extend it just keep a couple of flats

and to know how long you can go what I

do is I just get a flower like that and

I put across the under okay sort of goes

from these are there that'll do me and

then that can just be stuck into there

and what you do on that side you just

repeat on the other side

whoops be very very careful and then

just fill it as you like and I just need

to turn it around so that I can see

what's going on now and with these

little holes that you can see best you

fill those with flowers but anyway isn't

that just so easy and quick to do and it

just looks absolutely stunning for a

classic candelabra I hope you've enjoyed

it and I will finish it in them and I

put all the fill in all the wee holes

there you go Patricia I hope I have

helped you it's all finished flowers you

want to use doesn't matter just keep to

the basics and you will never go wrong I

really enjoyed making this for you I

hope you've enjoyed it as well and I

will see you another day