How to Build and Attach a Dock to Land - EASY Diy with Barrels

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I searched everywhere online for videos

on how to secure a doctor Lana couldn't

find anything anywhere I thought to

myself 1,500 pounds of concrete and this

baby is going nowhere I started by

building a form out of half-inch plywood

that I had in my garage and some scrap


from a deck that my brother built I used

the 2 by 6 for the sides of my form and

they will brace all of the corners

together I did one side at a time and I

made sure that I leveled it as I went

ground where I am putting the form is a

really rocky hilly and uneven so if

yours is - I suggest building it in

place versus building a form and then

putting it in place front piece of

plywood was down about six inches from

the back but again you want the block to

go up the slope of the ground so that's

okay once it was levelled and ready to

go there were a ton of small holes in

the bottom but I just filled them with

small rocks that will harden into the

concrete but while it's drying it's

gonna act as a wall so nothing seeps out

now it's time to get all of those bags

poured inside one by one we mix them in

the wheelbarrow and we set up a

makeshift ramp to make the dumping

easier a tip between pours use your

shovel to mix it around and get all of

the air bubbles out to ensure the entire

form is filled with concrete between the

layers we place rocks of all sizes and

even other pieces of concrete that we

had around the yard and it acted as a

rebar it also acted as a space filler

and allowed the 15 bags of concrete to

go much further than if we didn't put

anything in now we're gonna attach these

guys I don't know what they're called

but they are built specifically for

attaching docks that pivot on them when

the waves roll we just take this little

pin out remove this one piece we'll go

on to our dock and the other piece is

going to go directly onto our concrete

form and we're going to do that with

bolts that are Calvin eyes and that way

these will then be secured

into the cement and it's going to grab

on but we don't have to drill afterwards

it secures itself while it dries i

leveled where I'm going to put the

hardware and I pre-drilled and bolted

them on we kept filling up the form

until it was almost at the top and since

we're going to be building a small deck

on land we stuck a footing in there so

it was ready to start in that video I'll

show you how to frame up and build a

basic deck so if you haven't yet don't

forget to subscribe and you'll be

notified when that video comes out since

I didn't follow any sort of video or

instruction a couple days later when I

went back I was really nervous I'm not

gonna lie we took the boards off dad

smashed the port off but would you look

at that it worked and I was so excited I

never thought I would be this pumped up

about concrete now that that's done we

needed to build an attachment to go from

the concrete block to the square

floating dock I built last year I linked

that video below and it's a great

step-by-step tutorial on how to build at

my 10 floating dock and it's really easy

we were fortunate enough though to have

a neighbor give us a 16 foot frame that

has never been used and that's what I'm

going to use here I am attaching the

barrels to one end it's much easier to

build a frame around barrels but we're

gonna make this work once I cut in a

spot for the barrels we put it on and

out in the water only to realize that it

was too short take this as a lesson and

make sure you know exactly where your

concrete is going compared to the length

of your dock should have made it a few

feet closer but that's okay we just took

it as an opportunity to make the dock

even longer and now we can finish short

recap of how these dock hinges work the

pin comes out you align the holes the

spike connects them and the pin goes

back in and this allows the dock to move

with the waves to attach them to the

dock you need to measure their distance

apart from each other

mark it on a two by six that you will

cut to the width of your dock attach

that piece to the front of your dock and

then remove them from the forum and

attach them to your wood once they are

attached and your dock is aligned it's

ready to go if you're wondering why we

didn't put the floorboards on yet I

decided to wait to be able to get it

first just in case I had to move it a

couple of times before adding the extra

weight and making it more difficult

when this all came together I can't

express how excited I was I was almost

positive this would work but when you

get to see it all together it is such an

accomplishment and attach the rest of

the floorboards we were short a few but

with social distancing I need to wait

for the delivery to come versus going

in-store so just pretend that there

isn't a big gap so instead of leaving

the 10 by 10 dock a floating dock we

decided to use the exact same hardware

and the same method to attach the two so

now we have 24 feet out to a 10 by 10

dock 34 feet to enjoy thanks for

watching let me know in the comments if

you have built your own dock or if you

have found this one helpful at all

remember I linked the original video

down below so check that one out for a

full how to build trust me it's easier

than you think thanks everyone