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what are we doing today James yeah well

what are we doing

you sound so enthused flatbed yep

wheeze doing flatbed today it's flatbed

day yay





we're all right Kyle's getting down on

me from pure is it on you got to feel

these there make made from Elk scrub yes

yes Oh Chad Harmon these are my elk sack

gloves Joe Hartmann wanted to tell you

hi papa yeah dragger one time to

Bernie's like Papa's a wise man you know

um I said so I told them hi Chad I'd say

we're about my turtle






freezing let's wipe at the gloves wasn't




that's like the plate I made for the dog

so your bags are attached to that yeah

you gotta take my opinions

oh it's off its off


you do this room is it like that



I don't think we didn't do that it was

like that before






day-day number two winds gonna start

whipping up some I step in here so what

I did is they they gave me this factory

or this is the bed plug that's the

factory Ford plug I just got done

cutting splicing soldering this plug

back together again so we've got they

had butt connectors and they wanted you

to cut this this plug and butt connector

it but connect it to the bed plug I

didn't like that so soldered taped she's

ready to go I've got a spare factory

wire that don't look at that little guy

that's just was their factory Papa's got

did have the overheat light on welding

the brackets to the bed then we're gonna

bolt it to the frame just bitching so

just kind of an update so far we've got

done day three morning guys it's Sunday


God Papa's gonna weld that one for me

his wold I'm I'm pretty good at welding

I'm pretty confident but as well do

prettier than mine

but he's got those two done up front I

got the holes board this morning for

those two holes that hole I'm working on

this back plate so what we're gonna do

back here is we're gonna put a plate

there's a plate behind the flatbed that

it's gonna get plug weld adhere to this

plate and it's going to be bolted here

and also it's going to be bolted through

the flatbed through I think

I don't know how he wanted to do that

maybe we're not putting more plug

welding it back here and then I'm

drilling another hole for right there

that way we're really secure at the very

back of the bed these beds are 38 inches

I think we talked about that and the

super duties are 37 and a half so this

side had to get shampoo I can get my

fingers behind this bracket but we put

washers behind it I need one more there

you need one more washer and that guy

but that'll be good it'll be fine

it doesn't quite sit on the frame rails

over here but all your weights are all

gonna be on these plates anyway so just

a little update pull over here


my wiring is good trailer lights are on

we wash that this is coming up this

episode will be coming up very shortly

Colin I washed this thing and put a roof

on it yep bedrooms finished but we're

gonna go camping for Memorial Day if we

got it we don't have a video out by

Memorial Day happy Memorial Day be safe

out there yep here's the flatbed on the

pickup anyway guys here's the flatbed I

think we're gonna call this video wrap

give me a kind of a we're gonna have to

do some painting but

the side looks identical to the outside

I had a bag had a hole in it so we're

gonna order a new bag clean up this

paint it but this bullet this bed has to

come off this truck our process now you

made it easy

got her gooseneck oh yeah ice bed I like

it guys

I did not like waiting for it and the

customer service but all in the end it's

looks good give it a big thumbs up

comment down below subscribe if you have

not already and we got a trailer video

coming out I have said happy Memorial

Day if we don't see you guys be safe out

there and we'll catch you next time on

Central Oregon Shannon's