How to Properly Tie a Flagpole Knot

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an important step in hoisting the rope

on your flagpole is to first make sure

that it doesn't fray on the ends this is

very easy using a lighter simply apply

the flame to the ends like this with the

rope material softened pinch the end to

form it up it's that fast and simple to

tie the proper knot on the rope or

halyard for your flagpole bring the two

ends together leave about a foot of rope

on the ends cross the rope with one end

going to the right and the other end

going to the left on the right make two

loops folding the tail back over itself

toward the center take the loose end and

stuff it back through the two loops

pulling it tight

do the same thing on the left side make

two loops and stuff the loose end back

into the loops pulling it tight

now pull the rope on both ends to slide

the two knots together snugly like this

this is your not the way this is tied

provides the constant tension and

pressure needed to keep the knot from

coming undone

this will stay tied no matter what the

wind does to your flag let's tie the

knot again

make the loops

stuff the two ends through the loops

and pull it tight it's that simple