DIY Flag Pole Mount for Less than $15 and in 15 MINUTES!

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alright guys today's video I'm gonna

show you guys how to mount Oh Frick damn

I just caught myself I'm gonna show you

guys how to mount a black pole on a back

of a pickup truck

I've been doing this for like three

years now every 4th of July

and the way I do it is I basically just

bought a regular flagpole it's not one

of those it's not one of those fancy

flag poles that like DMACC trial runs

that'll be good for you know like

highway use it's just your regular

flight hold that I got from like Walmart

or like Lowe's I don't remember where it

was I just don't go on the highway with

it what you want to do is I don't

remember if I made a tutorial video I

don't think I did so I think that's why

I'm making this video all you need for

this is at least for me I do it the

cheap way cuz I'm not gonna go out there

and buy like $100 mount mainly because I

only I only put it on like basically

once or twice a year so I don't want to

spend a hundred dollars flat for a

flagpole mountain that I use twice a

year so what I did was I made this 3

years ago with John and you just only

need it a PVC pipe so the size of the

PVC pipe will depend on I guess the size

of your flagpole but what I did was this

this part will get attached to the bed

of the truck up which I'll show you guys

in a second and I put the flagpole in

and then first drive I did it I just put

it in and I didn't secure it at all but

I mean because I wasn't driving very

fast the flag didn't go anywhere but the

second year last year I decided that I

decided that and want to take a chance

so what I did was I

drilled a hole right there which went

through the flagpole and all I did was

just put a zip tie through it tied it

really tight so the pole doesn't go

anywhere so now all we have left to do

is Mount this PVC pipe to the bed of the

truck it's gonna be really ghetto I just

use zip ties like I said this is not a

fancy mod it's just a temp it's just a

quick way to mount your flag on your

truck on a budget

mainly because like I say I only do it

once or twice a year so I don't see the

point of spending a lot of money that's

just me though but let's go I get to



all right so for this $15 Blackpool mod

all you're gonna need is this for I

guess for my body style truck all you're

gonna need is this little hook in this

right here for the flagpole and it's

Gucci all right so to medium-sized zip

ties and then kind of zip time together

you could use one large zip tie but I

have two medium-sized zip ties you're

going to put the zip tie around the pool

around the pool and then through that

buckle behind it


so like that it goes around the pool and

then it goes through the buckle right

there how that you can see it hopefully

you can yep like that so that is it for

the bottom piece if you want to you

could probably do another zip tie just

to secure it really well and then up

here which you're going to do is so

you're going to put one zip tie around

like that and then you're going to put

another zip tie this way and then you're

just going to put it through this loop

like this


so that is it one zip tie this way and

then another zip tie this way so it's

secured on the top and secure on the

bottom and if you want to you could put

more zip ties oh I think I put like two

zip ties on here last year and like

three zip ties up here last year just to

make a super super super stable what

that is it like it took 10-15 minutes at

the most it doesn't require much of

modification for this pull all you need

is the frickin PVC pipe a little cap and

that's it it's like that's like less

than ten bucks and then you just go by

zip ties for like five dollars and then

you just drill a hole but that and that

is it it's less than 15 dollars and it

took less than 15 minutes

and it's not too bad like if you're just

going to be driving around town for

fourth of July that I mean you just

can't beat it so I'll be rocking this

flag that flag and that flag never been

to my channel you're probably gonna be

like like if this is your first time

stopping by you're probably gonna be

like man you're like you're Asian like

what are you doing without like all

these American flags I'm still American

so like that's what's amazing about

being American America is that you can

be white you can be black you can be

from Mexico you could be from Honduras

you could be from China whatever at the

end we're all Americans that's what

makes this country great and that's why

it's called the melting pot so yes so

although my national or although my

ethnicity is Korean my nationality is

American I actually am a dual citizen I

was born in Korea so I have a Korean

citizenship and American citizenship but

I love this country more than anything

mainly because well my uncle I grew up

with my uncle if you guys didn't know he

served in the United States Army for 20


risking his life and I've just seen a

lot of that he went through so

I appreciate him and I just love this

country for what it stands thank you

guys so much for watching this video if

that flagpole mount was helpful please

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if you're planning on rocking this

American flag comment below and let me

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wheels peace