How to Attach a Flag to a House Pole

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hey guys welcome back to the flag and

banner YouTube channel it's Adrienne

your favorite flag girl we're here today

learning how to attach our flags to a

pole so what we're using is a five-foot

tangle-free aluminum pole has ball

bearings in it to make it go 360 the two

types of flags that we'll be learning

how to attach today will be applied with

promise which are the little metal rings

on the corners of your canvas a header

also a banner which has eight pole sleep

on it and we'll get a closer look at

this a little bit later so to begin

we're going to attach our grommeted flag

our table free poles all come with

attachment rings for mounting rings

these are super simple to use they look

a little confusing but they're really

easy they just have a simple thumb screw

you'll remove both of the summer


like so

thank you pull slide the ring from the

bottom to the top most poles will also

have a little metal clip at the top you

don't have to use this for your grommet

that's going to be for your band so make

sure that your rings entry point is well

away from that clip so it won't get

caught on it when it spins around so

we'll go in our second clip for a ring

all right I like to start with the top

Berlin get it in just the exact spot

that I want we'll take your thumb screw

and just line up to the grommet ball

into the injury point you only want it

thumb tight you don't want to go too

tight because then your ring will crack

it's just plastic guys so don't go too

crazy hole with it all right so there's

your first ring now Hans a second

oh so you don't have to have your flags

SuperDuper tight give it a little slack

oh it does no certificate right to that

entry point it's on tight there we have

our flag honorable

the cool thing about these poles being

tangle-free is if it flops over you just

pull it and it strings out it's amazing

all right

it's just as easy to remove them

next we'll go to our banner


even an easier

kind of loud isn't it alright so with

the banners flags you have a little tabs

sometimes they're leather sometimes

they're nylon material these have a

Velcro strip that way you can either use

the clip to slip through or you can just

use the adhesive on the velcro to stick

to your pole itself you'll have these on

the top and the bottom of the pullian or


you don't have to use the bottom one you

can if it makes you feel better but

really you just need to have the top one

up there that keep it hanging so with

this you simply take your bowl slip it

through find a little metal clip up here

at the top

get that tab so on all of these tabs

there's going to be a little slit in

here just find that make sure it's lined

up on both sides slip your clip through

the tab there you have it tuck that in

you have a banner alright guys thank you

so much for stopping by today be sure to

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