Quick way to mount a American Flag on your Jeep Wrangler Unlimited (JKU)

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what is going on guys now if you're like

me you're pretty patriotic especially

it's going to be close to July 4th

coming up real quick

you probably want to put a red flag on

your team first of all most I were

saying this is a cheap and easy way on

how to do it specifically if you have a

soft top I want to make it better mount

system but for right now I've tried this

out and if the example works pretty well

for me you know so I'm not sure how it

worked for all of you guys out there but

for me this is worked out at least semi

ok I probably wouldn't do this with

super high you know winds or going on

the interstate for a long period of time

but driving the normal roads and driving

up to town work pretty well for me so


oh yeah so I want to show you guys real

quickly my quick and easy way of how do

you mount a American flag on your Jeep

Wrangler ok so as you can see this is my

flag I don't know the actually the size

of the pole itself but it's not super

big it's probably maybe about 5 feet the

pole um this is what I normally do I

know what I do it's actually unzipped

this section right here just a little

bit that being said I'm just going to

stick this section in to these soft top

itself and really kind of zip this down

just a tad bit so it kind of snug in

there let me see that so we're just

sticking in there and it kind of snug

and this part down they are still kind

of hacks or latched so we're just kind

of sticking in there so that keeps it at

least semi it keeps it at least a little

bit you know in place right now once

you're on the inside this is what you'll

see what it looks like you'll be like

this and I have this part just kind of

down into like the little crevice race

here now here's the part where um you

know how I kind of fastened it up a

little bit better I think just some

bungee like I said this is real simple I

mean this is nothing crazy

take some bungee wrap around keep it

nice and snug but I try to get it so

it's differentials alright so there we

go just have that and then I essentially

we're going then I essentially just kind

of scrap it and then I just kind of

bungee it back there so so when you

close it see that and it's actually

pretty decently weighed in there like I

said I wouldn't probably go super high

on the highway with this but this is a

quick and easy way if you wanted to

mount up a bike will quickly on your

card or on your Jeep that you could do

it like I said it's getting towards July

4 so you probably won't do that but I'm

always I always have my flags we're

right there and everyone on the other

side you probably can't see but it's on

the other side but I always have my

flags on my Jeep but you know if you

want to do something special for July

4th you can do that or if you run do

something just real quick and easy you

can do that but like I said this is my

quick way I'm going to be doing a much

better mount on my teeth

I'm going to do it's another video on

that when I'm going to be showing how do

you do a better mount system I'm

thinking am i doing one either when I

put back on the rear tire mount I'm

going to mount it up you there some

other special way you want to be doing

it but I'm just I'm changing about

things so I'm just trying to figure out

the best way to do it right now another

quick and easy way to do it

thank you guys so much for watching this

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I've done I've done a lot of the videos

on his Jeep and I plan on doing a whole

bunch more so if you like these type of

stuff check out my channel thank you

guys so much

see ya