How to Attach Flag Snap Hooks

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hi I'm David and I'm back again with our

resident flag expert here at Liberty

Flags calm this is Charlotte and

Charlotte right now we're going to

discuss are different types of flag snap

hooks for outdoor display so Kelly give

me a little bit of an overview what

we're going to talk about well David

we're going to talk about flag snaps and

the different materials that are

available available in we're going to

talk about how to fasten flag snap on to

the rope on a flagpole and how far apart

they need to be distanced okay well

first thing I guess I need to know is

where where are my rope do I put my flex

now alright well first this is a demo

model but you're going to run your rope

down the flagpole and what I did on this

particular flagpole is before I put the

rub on here I mark the halfway point and

this is where it will set up over the

pulley okay great so when you run your

rope down the flagpole you're going to

find that halfway point you're going to

come down out three or four inches pinch

the rope in half

insert that loop through the closed

portion of the snap hook and slip it

back up and over

and now the flag snap is secured on here

and if you need to make slight

adjustments it's very easy to rag I'm

going on it's great okay

the next thing I need to know is well

what kind of a snap book do I need for

lifeline all right well in a residential

setting you may want to consider nylon

because nylon is not very pointy okay

but in a commercial setting you need

something that's more heavy-duty that

they're kind of noisy so we've got yeah

you want to keep those out of the

neighborhoods for sure right right okay

what other factors go into my decision

for choosing a flag snap well again we

have three different options we have

nylon good for residential you're going

to use a brown snap book it is going to

outlast nylon but we need to make sure

that it's used on matching metal okay

the heading is a flag you're either made

with a brass grommet or the really big

commercial flags have a rope heading

with a galvanized symbol and this is

stainless steel okay so what you mean by

matching metal then is if I look brass

with brass and steel with steel right

okay you don't put them together the

opposite way you're going

have a problem with the brass we're ok

the brass will wear out if it's rubbed

against with a steel exactly ok good ok

the next thing that I want to know then

is how do I attach it so you're gonna

have to teach me and then I'll also know

where to put the bottom snap book it's a

blow root flat are we tied this one in

okay so I'm going to find the top

grommet the flag okay

and with fasten it in the snap hook into

the grommet and flag okay

then I'm going to measure down the

heading of the flag if I try this yeah

that would be great

alright I'm gonna point so I pinch it

off pinch off the row yeah I put the

loop I've made the Rope through the open

portion of the snap hook slide the head

of the snap hook through the loop and

then attach to my flag excellent all

right well thank you Charlotte if you

need any more information about snap

hooks check out their product

descriptions on the site or if you want

more information about any of the other

outdoor display accessories check out

our videos about those products in the

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the American wave thanks for watching