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what's up guys welcome back to the

arctic vet channel

today we're going to be talking about

my bad flagpole

oh yeah i gotta go push this hood down


so uh i kept seeing on instagram all

these corvettes

kept seeing all these corvettes and

these camaros and challengers and

all these cars with flags on them i

thought man how are they doing that

well i messaged this guy on instagram

that had one

i was like hey where can i get one of

those like what is that

how do you keep your flag on your car

and so

he told me that he got it from

so that's what i did i went ahead and i

went and ordered one

and there's the website again basically it's two suction

cups you got your

pole here and you can hook your flag up

to it

and so far this thing is held on really


now the trouble with my car is trying to

find spots to put it

uh when i first got it i actually broke

one of these

because i hit the top of the garage and

it snapped that

so that's why there's only one circle

here now

again he did mention the guy that sells


he did mention that on vinyl these have

pulled pulled vinyl up had trouble with


stuff like this with a white car

stuff like this happens where it's

showing but honestly

guys this is just a wrap i'm not worried

about it a bit

so basically what you do is you just

push this on

and then you pump this is your little

pump and you just push that little

button down

and do this on the top

and then you give it a nice tug and i

mean i'm really pulling on this here

and it stays i've heard reports

of these things up to about 100 miles

per hour

down to mexico i don't know if it's true

or not

i believe it because i've done 75

and it didn't budge

and it just it's something that gives

your car just a little more fire because

you know

these trucks like they can just put them

right in their bed right

they got holes they got hitch they can

put it on there well what about your

sports car what are you gonna do

that's what you're gonna do you're gonna

buy yourself a bad flag

my bad flag you're gonna get one

and you're gonna have two suction cups

hook that baby up on your car

you're gonna be rocking it like the

trucks dude

not always like this is a really cool

thing but

it gets everybody's attention

it's a way to show your pride whatever

whatever fight you want to fly

so i will uh

see about getting some footage of it

of me driving with it might be able to

do that

maybe i can confirm or deny

the hundred miles an hour or break that

maybe we'll make a new one say like 101

in mexico of course

so if you guys are looking for a way to

put a flag on your vehicle

that's how you do it i'll be sure to put

a link in the buy

in my description down below so if you

guys are interested you can check them


um i paid

just under 100 for this

and to be honest i kind of want to get

three more

but wait why why do you need three okay


one here one over here

and i can't treat i gotta treat miss

dora right too so she needs two as well

you know because then we could put up

like a another american flag on

on the cop car and maybe i could get

myself a flag

and fly my own flag that'd be pretty

cool i think

anyhow that's what i wanted to talk

about today

i hope you guys enjoyed this video and

if you do decide to get a bad flag

go ahead and tag me in your post on

instagram facebook

or send it my way hold up gto

get it

you guys hear that turbo because

tag me in your post i want to see what

your car looks like with

supporting its flag supporting your

showing off your flag

whatever it may be

oh gto just got it

anyways have a great night we'll catch

you in the next one

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let's get to a thousand let's go can

still hear that guy