How to Tie On Fishing Hooks - Easiest Knot

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today I'm going to show you my favorite

fishing knot that I use in most

situations I've caught more than a few

fish using this knot take your fishing

line and feed it through the eye of the

hook next

put your index finger over the top of

the hook

and grab the tag end now all you need to

do is wrap the tag end of the fishing

line around itself five times and you

can do that less if you're using heavier

mono like 25 pound or / you can get away

with maybe four wraps or three sometimes

but all I'm going to do is I'm going to

wrap this tag end around the main line

by using my middle finger and my thumb

to pinch it on this hand so what I do is

I pinch it wrap it around and notice

that I'm keeping the main line taut with

this hand so once again it's just push

through the hook put my finger through

keep this line taut with this hand wrap

it five times just like that

all I've done is wrap the line around

itself and I've got a loop take the tag

in put it through the loop and hold it

now at this point it's really important

that you lubricate the knot and you're

going to want to do this with any type

of knot that you use whether it's this

one or any other type because fishing

line will bind on itself and it will

break especially if you use fluorocarbon

fluorocarbon has a real tendency to bind

up how I lubricate the knot is just by

using my own saliva so I put the knot in

my mouth quickly to wet the line and to

finish the knot I just pull the main

line and it'll snug right up you should

never pull the tag end of any knot it

should always be the main line because

that's where the pressure is going to

come from when you're fishing so there

you have it this is called a clinch knot

I've used it for thirty plus years and

it very rarely fails me if it does fail

me it's because I messed something up

let's try this one more time except at

game speed so you guys can see how I do

this real time

there you have it a clinch knot