How to Setup/Rig/Tie a Fishing Bobber or Float! Quick And Easy!

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what's going on YouTube major fun 3 here

and test video way showing you a very

quick and easy basic ba ba bow fishing

setup that anyone can do and I'm not

gonna waste any time and let's go ahead

and get to the video now the supplies

you're going to need are a small hook

the hook size may vary depending on the

species you're fishing for and in my

case I'm fishing for just the typical

freshwater fish which are bluegill perch

and the bass crappie and all those other

pan fish and stuff like that so I'm

using a size 6 hook as I believe this is

the perfect size for these fish you

could go a little bit smaller for the

bluegill and stuff but in my case I'm

using a size 6 hook the next thing

you'll need is a small clip on late or

the size of the weight also varies

because you don't want something too

heavy that's heavier that's too heavy

for the bobber and you want to make sure

that the bobber is going to stay afloat

perfectly over the water now I'm holding

two different kinds of Auvers

one is the traditional bobber that I see

everyone using and one of these kind I

don't know the specific names of them

but we're just going to comp oliver's

and both will work I recommend these

ones are here these ones that look like

this you can pick these up at Walmart

for a dollar I bought this one for a

dollar at Walmart and the reason why I

like these more is because it's easier

to tell if you have a fish buddy or not

but either way you're going to tell with

either bobber and both will work in this

case and also one more thing something

to cut the line with I'm just using

these little Clippers are here and let's

just go ahead and show you how to do

this now you're going to want to go

ahead and take your fishing rod and run

your line through the loops

and you're ready for the next step all

right now for the next step from the

line that's running from your reel

through your rod you want to take your

hook and you want to go ahead and tie

the line onto the hook now make sure

when you're placing your line through

the actual hook you place it this way

instead of the other way and what you

want to do next is you want to run the

line across the hook like so and then

the part where the hook curves you want

to align or you want to align the line

against the hook kind of making your own

hook and it should look something like

this you see I like the lines going with

the hook and you want to take this line

that's sticking out and this part gets a

little tricky

make sure to pinch this part with the

hook curves with the line like pinch it

together like this and you want to take

this line and you want to start wrapping

around the base of the hook and you want

to do this about seven times


now once you got done with that and you

ran the line around the hook still

keeping your fingers pinched you let go

and you see how they there's this loop

now um you want to take the line that's

that's sticking out and run it through

that hole and then what you want to do

is go ahead and let go hold on to the

main line hold on to the line sticking

out and just pull now you see because

this hook has the little uh thing

sticking out

I'm Chuck on like thorns whatever you

want to take this line and take the hook

and just pull down and then there you go

the hook is now tied onto there now with

that line sticking out you can just go

ahead and pinch it off when you pinch it

make sure you do it to where you have

just a little bit of line sticking out

so that way when I you get a fish or you

snag on something and it pulls some of

the line will just go back into there

but it'll stay like that and yeah now

you're ready for the next step

all right now you're ready to place on

your weight from the hook you want to go

about one to two feet down on your line

I'm going to do about one and a half and

you want to pinch the weight on onto

your hook and for extra security reasons

I'm going to take pliers and pinch the

light more better on there I just like

to do this just to make sure that a

weight won't slide around make sure it's

secured in place now you're ready to

place on the bobber and I'm just going

to start with the traditional bobber and

I'm gonna show you how to do with both

what I I'm assuming most of you guys are

going to be using this kind of over so

I'm just gonna go ahead and show you how

to place it on now when you're placing

on the bobber it really depends on the

depth of of water you're fishing it with

bar fishing usually depending

on where you're you know the fish right

you can try it out you know pretty much

you want the bait floating maybe like

two feet under the surface or maybe you

want it like semi in the middle of

whatever depth you're at and I'm just

gonna go ahead and place this one on

randomly but uh pretty much these kind

of offers you want to make sure to hold

the hook right there down with one think

one finger and then you want to take

this hook and push down and you want to

go ahead and place it onto your line

like so and then you want to run the

line down and holding the top of the top

hook down pressing down letting this

hook come out you want to wrap it around

that hook and then let go and it's just

stay in place like that and that's how

you put on the traditional blogger now

with one of these barbers which I highly

suggest anyone watching getting with

these note they're very cheap got this

one for a dollar at Walmart and they

work wonders anyways to place all of

these barbers see the spring at the

bottom you all pull the spring down and

sometimes it can get tricky and you want

to see this like little cut in right

here you want to take the line and place

it through that and what I like to do to

keep this from slipping around as I do

this twice so I wrap the line around

that and I run the line into that little

cut in twice and let go the spring and

your bobber is now on there securely now

the finished product should look

something like this

you got your bobber going down the line

you got your weight way more down the

line you got your hook and that's where

you put on your bait recommend worms and

yeah that's pretty much it

hope you guys enjoyed this how-to and I

hope you learn something on how to make

a really easy barber fishing rig and

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fishing and yeah thanks for watching I

catch you in my next video