iPhone / iPad Mail - Add Attachment

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hi I'm Barbara and I'm Karen and

witnessing sisters this is our tech bit

on the mail app adding attachments so a

lot of people want to know how to add

attachments out into the mail program

Apple Mail program when you're using

your mobile devices and when it first

came out and for a long time you

couldn't do an attachment so a lot of

people might not even realize that hey

now you can do it so we're going to show

you how so I'm going to go ahead and go

into my Apple Mail app and I'm going to

a new mail and when I go down here in

the body and Surt my cursor there to

type we're going to show you there's two

different ways you can do it depends on

what device you're on we're on a

glorious Apple I've had Pro write that

my sister has so you can see the

keyboard is a giant and you'll see over

here there's a paperclip and we all know

now that the paperclip is a sign for

attachment right so you might on your

keyboard somewhere see this I know on

the air it has the paperclip I believe

on the plus size phone it has the

editing tools but no diaper Clara crew

so check out your keyboard first if you

see that you can tap on it but no matter

what device you're on you can always do

it the second way which is to hold press

and hold over the blinking cursor and

it's gonna bring up your submenu where

you can do lots of things like paste and

insert a photo or add an attachment so

I'm a tap and what it brings up here is

your iCloud Drive know the way

attachments work because it's a mobile

device you don't have a hard drip hard

drive on your iPad or iPhone and it's

not accessing your computer but it's

accessing any kind of drives that you

have any cloud device any cowman's cloud

come up with iCloud drive first because

if I want to use it because it is Apple

superiority right that's great but so

here's iCloud drive on which we do have

some things on but you can always tap on

locations and what it's going to bring

up is any other drives that you have and

you can see that we are drive crazy

rather you're done you might because of

all these tutorial videos we're doing we

hit we've pretty much got every Drive

covered and we've used them all anyways

so you could pick whatever drive you

want and I'm going to pick my Dropbox

and I'm going to go

I'm going to find a one before the the

one before it we had one Mars raining

the one that way some of the tasman

takes a while to download so there I

would just went out the dryer found it

there's my attachment and you an air you

attached a PDF file which is great you

can attach PDFs you can attach pictures

dot files whatever it is you can attach

it yep so that's how you attach did you

anything else right well there's another

way of attaching to which we said on the

keyboard which is a paperclip so just

tap on that so they can see it up the

same thing right takes you to the same

place you up to the same place yep so

that's how you can add an attachment to

your email if you're watching the sync

sisters check bit and please subscribe

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