How to Attach a File in any Email

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welcome back everybody to another tech

tip in today's video I'm going to show

you how to make an attachment to an

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welcome back everybody in today's video

like I said we're going to show you how

to attach an attachment like a picture

or word document or something along

those lines to your email

most of them work the same when I say

most of them talking like Google Yahoo

AOL they all function very similar they

all usually use the same pay-per-click a

paperclip icon and you'll see that here

in just a moment so the provider the

email provider that I'm going to use

today is going to be Gmail so I'm going

to go ahead and open up my browser of

choice which again is Google Chrome you

may open up your yahoo you may open up

your firefox browser either way what

you're going to want to do first is

navigate and get into your actual inbox

for whatever email provider you use so

in this case like I said I'm going to go

over to Gmail and if you're not logged

in of course you want to put in the

information get logged in and then once

you've got your login into your actual

browser so actually into your email

itself what you're going to want to do

is click on create new email or if

you're again if you can see you're on

Chrome or Google Gmail you'll want to

click on compose either way what you're

going to want to do is bring up a new

message that you're going to pretend

like we're going to email or create a

new email message so as you can see I've

clicked on the compose the new message

box has appeared in the bottom

right-hand corner of the screen and you

can see too you can see subjects then

you've got an empty field but right

alongside the bottom here you're going

to have you can do the font or

formatting options you've got your

attached files insert files using the

drive so if you use Google Drive and you

have files in there that you want to

send you can click on that icon you can

send and request money via this way

pictures insert links and then of course

you can insert some emojis as well so

the main one that we're going to focus

today on is the little paperclip icon as

you can see when you hover over it it

does say attach file so we're going to

want to attach a file in this case I'm

going to go ahead and send it to test at

test comm we're not actually going to

end up

email but we're going to go ahead and

create the email self subject I'm just

going to type in weekend beach photo and

then of course here if you're familiar

with writing emails this is where you

aren't going to want to write whatever

you want is to send somebody so if you

want to tell them about how your weekend

at the beach was is where you tell them

that and then once you've got everything

in there you're going to come on down to

the little paperclip click on attach

files and then we're going to want to

navigate to wherever you have that

picture saved so in this case I do have

it saved straight to the desktop so I'm

going to go ahead and click on the beach

photo and then I'm going to click open

what that's going to do as you can see

at the bottom it's going to upload that

image to the email itself is going to

attach it to the email it does give you

the file size and of course the name and

what kind of extension is in this case

it is a jpg photo this again will work

for most other providers click on the

paperclip icon attach the file you'll

probably get similar results and then

from this point forward you can go ahead

and click the send button if for any

reason you did end up attaching the

wrong file on the right here you'll have

a little X you can click on the X that

will remove it from the email and then

of course if you want to just trashcan

the air you know trash the email

altogether you can click on the trash

can right there and that will discard

the entire email and that wraps up this

tech tip if you liked it thumbs up if

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