How to Insert an Object in to a document in Word 2016

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if you want to insert an object into a

document here is how you can do it in

this example I will show how you can

insert an Excel spreadsheet you can

follow the same procedure to insert any

object click on insert click on object

object dialog box is displayed click on

create from file click on browse to

select the file to insert

after selecting the file click on insert

click OK to insert the spreadsheet you

can see spreadsheet is added to document

as a table keep in mind this is a static

copy of data from the spreadsheet and

there is no link to the original

spreadsheet if you double-click on the

table it opens in Excel and spreadsheet

data can be edited

once editing is complete click anywhere

in the document and word closes the

Excel and displays data in a table the

same object can be inserted as an icon

also to embed the file as an icon click

on insert click on object click on

create from file click on browse and

select the file and click on insert

now select the checkbox display as icon

word shows the icon that will be

inserted you can change the icon by

clicking on change icon you can select

any icon from the list of icons after

selecting the icon click OK click OK

again to insert the spreadsheet as icon

you can see employee master file is

added as an icon if you double click on

the icon spreadsheet will be open in a

separate window you can edit the

document as needed and close it

the changes will be saved to the