How to Pin a Boutonniere

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so when you're placing a boutonniere

on a gentleman who's wearing a suit coat

you will obviously place it on the left

side of his chest and you'll typically

have a jacket that has a buttonhole

about here that will kind of signify

where the boutonniere is going to be

placed it's about an inch or so from

this little divot in in the lapel and

what you'll want to do is have your

boutonniere run with the theme of this

lapel place it in in the center and you

want to sort of avoid having the

boutonniere run perpendicular with the

jacket unless they're wearing just the

vest or suspenders or just a shirt so

we'll go ahead and have our placement on

the left side of the jacket running with

the bill of health so once you've

determined where you want to place your

boutonniere you're going to grab your

pins and I like to give my bride two

pins just for extra security in case the

boutonniere is a little bit heavier to

prevent that boutonniere from moving so

you'll take your first pin and you'll

flip over the lapel and you're just

going to locate your boutonniere stems

and you'll weave the pin head through

through your lapel and then through the

boutonniere and then back through onto

the loop health this premiere is pretty

secure the flowers are not that heavy on

the spoon air but just for access to

extra security we can place a second pin

and what we'll do is we'll crisscross

we'll do the exact same things which is

crisscross with the other pin to make

that nice and secure thank you for

Juliette Han from fresh and fabulous LLC

for teaching us how to put on a

boutonniere today for more videos like

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