How to Install a 9V Battery

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This video will show you how to put the 9 volt battery into the 9 volt battery holder.

So your holder might have a small Phillips head screw holding the lid on, so use a tiny

screwdriver to remove that screw, and then you can put the screw aside because you don't

really need it to hold the lid on. Now slide the top cover of the battery holder off by

pressing down and sliding outward. You've removed the cover, you can put that aside

for now. Now take the 9 volt battery. Note how it has two snaps on the top, a male snap

connector and a female snap connector, and then inside the battery holder there are two

matching snaps, a female snap connector and a male snap connector. So what you DON'T want

to do, because this is pretty difficult, is put the battery in flat, like this, first,

and then try to slide it into the snaps. That's actually very hard to do, because there isn't

really enough space for you to get your fingers behind the battery to press on it. What you

DO want to do, is line the battery up at maybe about a 30 degree angle to start. I'm going

to hold it so you can see it relative to the camera, about like that, and then simultaneously

press in and down, and the battery will snap right into place, it's in there snugly and

then the snaps will hold onto it. Again, I'm going to repeat that one more time, do NOT

put the battery in flat, and try to slide, that's difficult to do. What you do want to

do, is start out at about maybe a 30 degree angle like this, simultaneously press in and

down, and the battery should snap into place. Now if you're having trouble getting that

to work, it could be because these female snaps are a little tight, so what you can

do, is one at a time, use the male snaps and kind of wiggle around to loosen those up a

little bit, and then that should make the tolerance a little looser and easier for you

to, again make sure you get the snaps lined up the right way, go male to female, don't

try to do female to female and male to male or it won't fit. So get the snaps lined up,

hold the battery at about a 30 degree angle, press in and down at the same time, that will

go right into place. And then when you're done, slide the cover back on, make sure it

snaps, again press down and slide at the same time. You do not need to put the screw back

on the cover should stay on on its own. And you are good to go!