2x4 instead of 4x4 BUILDING HACK

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I want to show you a system I've come up

with for making my own or buffers I do a

lot of what I call white trash building

out here and right now I've got several

projects that require four by fours I've

got a repair fence I need to put up one

of those not pergolas but little I don't

know gazebo thing and I'm gonna expand

my chicken too but I have found that two

by fours two two by fours are much

cheaper than four by fours so what I've

done is I've come up with a system where

I take two two by fours throw some glue

down between them and then I put three

screws in on the middle one in each and

then and then I put nails put six nails

two on the side with the screws and I

turn it over and I put four on the other

side and I used that as a four by four

and so far it's worked out pretty good

for me and it is cheaper I can't tell

you any science that would prove it

would be stronger although it seems to

me it might be but what I come up with

as I come up with homemade four befores

and I use them now this is number two

wood and that's what I use I'm not

building a house or building anything

really pretty like said chicken coops

defenses things like that anyway it

works for me maybe it'll work for you