Small Backyard Deck Part7 - Installing a Titan 6x6 Post Anchor

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Cammi to install a six by six post

anchor and I'm not showing you how to do

it using commonly available inch and 3/4

full suck this is an inch and 3/4 in

diameter cuffs around $10 it's Dewalt

hole saw and that's all you really need

it's an inch and 7/8 deep so I'm going

to show you how to install one post

anchor using this particular hole saw

ok I just I just drilled the anchor into

the bottom of the post

it's a cedar post you can see it's a

pretty even fit you'll notice sometimes

though that depending upon how the shape

of the base is sometimes you may not

always get it flush that's going to be

pulled in once we put the bolts in and

I'll show you how to do that right now

it's very simple okay I'm using a fasten

master ledger lock screw here these are

five inches long these are great because

you don't ever have to pre-drill with

them in fact you can go into most

hardwoods with them each box comes with

the with a hex head and it's just a

matter of blowing extremely like this

and now with the 6x6 there's a there's

an extra hole instead of just four what

I've done is I've put a fifth in here on

the reason why you do that is to get

extra strength if you've got force

coming from one side of the railing you

would you would put this side of the

post facing the side of the living space

where the force is going to be exerted

on the railing

as you can see we've got a perfect fit

here this is going to be really strong

and it's going to last a long time

because the post base is never touching

the wet deck surface it's never able to

suck up the water so we're going to be

installing this out