6X6 concealed post bracket, Simpson Strong-tie CPT66Z

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today today we're gonna work on these

6x6 posts the ones that I put the all

thread in the concrete I drill out some

holes and use this Simpson Strong Tie s

et - 3G it's an epoxy adhesive two-part

and I glue these pieces of all thread

probably eight inches down into the

concrete and I had them set for this 6x6

concealed post base that's what's gonna

sit underneath these six by sixes and

hold them in the ground now I'm gonna

have to cut these pieces all thread to

the right height so the base can sit

over top of it and we'll see how easy

these post base art and install so got

the bracket you got the plate that

covers it you've got nice little arrows

on either side just line up at the

bottom of your board that's gonna sit

right there then you can make your marks

for your hold

and this up nice and square arrows on

the edge there

and drill them straight through can you

put your pins after just slide up get

that groove right there slides up on the

bottom run your pins through the wood

through the bracket into the other side

of the wood so I'll be the first to tell

you I'm not really good at drilling a

hole straight down through a piece of

wood especially something this thick and

it's got to be straight because it's got

to line up with a bracket right in the

middle so what I'm going to do is I've

got this drill this corded drill it has

a bubble level on the back this drill

does not but this drill has a 3/8 Chuck

and this drill has my half-inch chuck

for my half inch dowel and I can't seem

to swap these out I don't know how this

Chuck comes off of here I can get this

chuck off but it doesn t know good if I

can't get that check off to swap them

out so what I'm gonna do is drill a

small hole with a long drill bit using

the bubble level down through these

three and then I'll come back with my

battery-operated Dewalt without the

bubble level and auger those out a

little bit bigger now the dowel is a

half-inch this is slightly smaller than

a half-inch I think it's fifteen thirty

Seconds yeah fifteen thirty seconds

so that'll leave a nice snug fit for

that dowel this drill bit right here is

slightly smaller than the 15 thirty

seconds but it doesn't have a number on

it so I don't know exactly how big it is

so a little stair stepping but the first

one with the bubble level quite a bit

smaller straight through these three

holes bubble moves around a lot

depends there's a lot of flexing the

drill bit - so you're gonna push

straight down while holding that bubble

right in the middle


there we go

there's hole number one other side yeah

see how we did this bracket and well

we're a little off on this one they're

all a little bit off then I guess we

could clamp this bracket when you get a

big clamp and clamp this bracket on both

sides and use the metal as a pilot to

drill back through this way so I said I

wasn't perfect at drilling straight

holes this is the opposite side this is

the side of the drill that came out

we've lined up our marks and we could

see we have we're a little bit off we

have little half moons not dead center

so I've decided to do to try and

straighten this up as I drill the next

hole to line this up on the back side

and use these holes as a pilot by

clamping it in place and I'll run this

next drill bit through and hopefully

that'll straighten those up a little bit

the holes these are pretty close if you

think about it in the middle they're

gonna be even closer and your dowel pin

has beveled edges so you can you can tap

this thing into place if these holes are

just a little bit off and the holes in

this bracket or bigger than the dowel

pin it's one reason why I want the holes

in the wood to be a little bit smaller

than the dowel pin so it's it's real

snug in the wood and doesn't have

intensity to come out but anyway I'll

get this next set of holes drilled here

cut our slit right in the middle yeah

not thick that's not that's thicker than

my blade so exactly how we're going to

do that but when it first

oh god that'd take forever

I think sandpaper would just take

forever I don't know

I think they expect you to use a blade

that's 1/8 inch thick

flip-o-cam both sides out my blades not

thick enough to go through this wood so

I gotta flip the other side second and

they say five inches they say yeah five

is deeper than this


this isn't even deep enough that's all

the way down and it's not deep enough


yeah that could it could I think we're

good though

right there I think we're good it's it's

pretty well lined up with this thin

little cut it'll get a little bit

thicker find out

we'll flip it and line it up with the

other side where's that bracket see if

that bracket will fit in that groove now

it's a little bit wider at the top it's

not exactly straight I thought I had it

perfectly square but I guess I did

all right moment of truth

why not up how'd you hit your thumb

the only thing about this is it doesn't

come with any type of plug to plug these

holes one of this groove over here you

have to cut I'll have to figure

something out for covering these up

because I really don't want to see that

right there but I do have to say this is

one strong tie-down so before I got

these installed I was thinking I was

gonna have to support this one because

it doesn't have a wall to go up against

just out here in the middle of nowhere I

was thinking I was gonna have to run

some two by fours down or something to

give it more like a tripod base to keep

it stable it seems pretty solid though

almost eight foot tall well it is eight

foot tall with the one inch plate in the

bottom I'm just gonna leave it like that

with that Center beam get those pieces

in here get them cut get those put up

and that'll lock everything in place

until next time guys go make something

a little disclaimer Simpson strong tide

did not sponsor this video I'm putting

this video out because the brackets and

adhesive I'm using in my home build if

you want to use it you see the video

this is how it's done this is how I did

it so take it easy guys