Teach Me RV! How to hook up your Fifth Wheel!

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hi I'm jr. with Keystone RV Center

Greencastle Pennsylvania off i-81 exit 1

want to talk to you today real quick

about hooking up your pickup truck to a

chaparral 5th wheel any fifth wheel in

history this is gonna be pretty much

standard for today we're gonna be

talking specifically about the demco 21k

you're to see other demco products this

will cross over too and you'll probably

able to adapt it to different 5th wheels

in the industry but just for legal

purposes this is only for the 21 k demco

first thing we're going to do before we

even back up to the fifth wheel make

sure you drop your tailgate it's gonna

sound silly but you need to make sure

you do it there's enough dented

tailgates out there if you don't believe

me look through the campground next

thing we're going to talk about it I'm

going to cheat and use Ford's beautiful

easy stuff here no they're not painting

to say that I'm just getting older so

it's a lot easier this one the jaws are

closed we're going to open that is my

grab and hold this make sure that our

pen is out because if you have it set in

here that's not going to be able to

allow the handle to slide across and

auto lock on there we also have a

sliding fifth wheel hurt hitch version

so we want to make sure this is pinned

in the forward position we do have the

pin proof here if you're hooking up in

an oddball angle and you need it slid

back please go ahead and do that the one

nice thing with the depth no hitches you

can slide them by hand that's right

Reese go ahead get jealous now

so again make sure it's pinned in the

forward position we're going to talk

about what you're going to be looking at

while you're backing up to this it's

good to have somebody off the back but

you can't always have that so today

we're going to show you what you're

gonna be looking at from that front seat

to get this lined up correctly alright

guys we'll see you inside

legal has told me that even though we're

in a parking lot

I should be buckled so you should be too

anyway when we're backing up what we're

going to be looking at is mark if you

pop over that third bet middle seat

there the middle headrest you see how

the demco hitch has that little bit of a

notch in the middle there kind of like a

support mark where you go ahead and turn

your parking aid off for you

see how we've got that lined up now I'm

looking over my right shoulder not

turned around and look into my left

that's going to give me a better line of

sight to make sure I'm lining everything

up so as we come back to it I'm gonna

stop us right there so you could see

what the hitch should look like on the

outside because the question always is

how high is the right height everything

like that now on this Ford it's got this

beautiful off-road status if you have

not figured this out yet it'll show you

marking you can see that wow that's

awesome works good with the camera so

it'll show you what angle your wheels

are turned at so once you've got it

where you want to be coming straight

back I still look at that to make sure

my wheels are straight because this

truck has a turn radio it actually

doesn't have any turn radius you

probably could have this wheel turned

all the way to one side and it would

still come straight back but it does

help so you can make sure you line that

up perfectly straight how many times we

see somebody they got the wheel just

turned slightly off in their drift and

drift and drift and so that'll help guys

let's jump out here and let's see what

we need for height when we're hooking up

if you notice on the front of this fifth

wheel here we've got a little bit of an

angle what that's gonna match up with

with this so we want this fifth wheel

not so that this plates coming in level

on this you want it to ramp up a little

bit on that doesn't have to be super

drastic but we want a good

good ramp up there that way we don't

what we call high hitch where you're

actually sitting about a half inch high

that can mess the jaws up on the inside

of the hitch so when you're coming back

you're gonna run this up on there just a

little bit what your student for is at

the base here as long as this kingpin is

anywhere within this opening you are

perfectly fine it will force itself in

now of course you want to make sure you

chock the wheels you're on somewhat

level ground whether you use a leveling

book or leveling shocks leveling Chuck's

wheel chocks the yellow wheel chocks or

you use the X chocks from us either one

of those is going to be perfectly fine a

lot of guys are gonna say oh you can

just back up to with no no locks on it

whatsoever you can but you're betting

that it's not going to roll backwards I

don't want about a $500 deductible that

it's not gonna roll back so let's go

ahead and pack up the rest of the way

we'll show you how to lock everything in


alright guys now that we've hitched up

to you notice this demco allows the

handle to slide completely across first

thing I'm going to do I'm gonna drop

this pin in right there lock it in place

next thing I'm going to do is I'm going

to connect my breakaway and I lock mine

right onto there I prefer the bungee

breakaway if you guys have not seen our

RV gift video please check that out

you'll understand this a little bit

better now you can see with this on here

it could bind up when you're backing up

having that bungee elastic breakaway

cable does make it really nice so then

at that point I'm gonna grab my set up

way now on all our company trucks we

have the 7-way in the bed if you own a

5th wheel and you don't own this

accessory stop down and see us we'll get

it put in for you we'll get you a price

quote based on the vehicle these things

are great

it keeps the cord reminding up it keeps

from our tailgates getting shaved and

last but not least close the tailgate

let's go out here and show you how to

operate the legs on this Chaparral all

right guys you're going to come in your

front storage space on chaparral so

you're gonna have on the newer ones

you're going to have this auto level

with a completely simple eyes of control

panel press on the up in the down arrow

at the same time you're gonna see a

little green light come on and then

we're gonna press up to go up and down

to go down so we're going to retract

these legs up

a great contact with round a little bit

the reason for that is so we can do a

pool test to make sure everything's

hooked on there correctly so we're going

to get it to right about there both of

them off the ground slightly now we're

going to jump back into the truck we're

going to activate the brake controller

and we're just going to pull forward to

here to make sure that that hitch is

locked in correctly we're going to drop

the tailgate I know you've seen me put

this tailgate up and down up and down

but I'd prefer to do that because

walking around makes it easier all right

guys let's jump back in the vehicle it's

the next what I'm going to do is I'm

gonna reach down now our brake

controllers built in here if you have an

aftermarket one you should have it right

about here you should still have some

kind of pinch lever to hold together to

activate the brake controller do that

I'm going to drop it down into first

gear I'm gonna release my foot off the

pedal brake and you're gonna feel the

brakes on the trailer grab about a

second to two seconds later you saw mark

it a little bit nervous there the camera

would have been on him and I'm just

gonna add a little bit of gas make sure

that that hitch is grabbing trailer

brakes are working everything is good to

go there now folks I'm gonna leave the

truck run I'm gonna do my final walk

around with my headlights on I've

already ensured that my trailer brakes

are working so we're gonna go ahead and

get this thing going through a full walk

around again by yourself so we're gonna

be using four ways not turn signals see

you out there the first thing I'm going

to do is I'm going to look at these cap

lights now they are LED lighting zhan

these Shaffer ELLs it's a great feature

so I just want to make sure they're

working I got two good lights there I'm

gonna make sure that I put my pin in for

my hitch I'm gonna double check my

breakaway that's locked in there double

check my sliding hitch feature

shut my tailgate go ahead and lift up my

one leg come back over here to this that

guys still on I'm gonna press retract

all and it's gonna bring them all up

automatically for me check my clearance

light there I can't light up top do my

baggage door lock Chuck my hot water

heater is closed my cap is closed for my

short poured sewer hose connection is

made jacks are up wheel chock is removed

white down there is fine

I got flashing lights there we will make

sure we got to tell Luis and Jason to

put a dealer plate on it before they

take it loose and Jason are going on a

friendship retreat this weekend so we do

have to make sure they get that done

other lights working we got flashing on

both all the lights up top or


right down there is ladders in your

wheel chocks already been pulled from

this side handles closed doors closed

steps are up front storage partners

locked clearance light civilian

clearance lights good in the baggage

stores there's good to pull this last

one up and will retract these the rest

of the way make sure they're all the way

up folks that's all there is

tune in for our next video will show you

how to unhook this thing