How To Set Pressure Treated 4x4 Wood Posts In Concrete (VERY STRONG!)

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hi there this is Ethan with the honest

carpenter comm today I'm gonna show you

how to set really sturdy porch posts

I've already got my post cut the height

here this is a handrail and this trick

really works best for handrails porch

posts have gravity weighing them down

and they're sitting on footings they're

not as likely to move but handrails have

a lot of leverage on them when people

grab the handrail and walk down the

stair and over time you see them begin

to wobble a little bit especially if

they've loosened the concrete base that

they're sat into so I'm gonna show you a

trick to make extremely sturdy handrail

posts using pretty much nothing but

impact driver or drill and a few 3-inch

screws so I've moved this up to a better

place where I can work the key to this

trick is marking a line that designates

the spot that's going to be below the

ground so everything you see from here

down is going to sit below grade and I

want the concrete to really grab this

post with the post is square and it's

going to shrink over time as all treated

wood does and it the concrete needs

something else to really fastened into

strongly so all I do let's take a few

exterior rated 3-inch screws in my

impact driver and I'm just going to

embed the screws about half way at an

angle I'll do another one

I generally do two per side

but only on the sides that aren't

touching the steps as we have in this

case because otherwise they won't let

the post sit flush to the step and for

us that's going to be this face and this

one back here helps go in pretty sweet

at first and then you can angle it by


really I'm only gonna do two sides this

sides gonna sit a little close to the

wall I'm not that worried about that and

I'll take it down and I'll set it in

place and I'll pour concrete around it

so I've got my post sitting in my post

hole and you can see the tree of screws

that I made down below the grade there

when the concrete pours around that

concrete is going to embed these screws

and even if the post shrink those screws

are really gonna be locked into place

and if this thing wants to move it's

going to have to wrench a big boot of

concrete that's gonna form in this hole

and grab these screw trees and it's

gonna I first time I ever used this I

was just astounded how strong it made my

toe stand suffer handrails that's

exactly what you want another tool

that's going to make setting this post

easy just as an extra tip here is this

this is a corner level or post level and

you've it really just rubberband the

thing to the post and rather than having

to move your level to both sides to

check whether your post is plumb this

post level has bubbles on all three

sides you don't have to worry about that

vertical and it's very easy to do all

this with one look and get things

adjusted and you can tack on a scab

piece of wood that will hold it in place

and then you just dump the concrete

around it and I will show the

when the concrete is poured there's the

finished post got it embedded in

concrete I poured this on curd in

the hole mix it in the hole a lot of

guys doing it actually makes their

concrete poured and dry and they let

ground moisture um kind of infiltrated

it and wet it slowly over time I went

ahead and mix it up at least just a

little bit and I used a margin trowel to

just give the top edge a little slope

and that will shed water for the most

part away from the post which will help

but I also made sure I kept the top kind

of below grade somebody can cover this

with a ground cover bark or soil or

whatever if they want to and you can

tell it's not even set yet and it's

already really firm so I'm happy with

the way they came out just gonna do it

to my other posts I've linked the tools

in this video on my blog the honest

carpenter comm just look for the

stronger porch railings article and if

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