How to attach wood posts / railing to concrete with Simpson Strong Tie E-Z Base

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hey guys this is CL uh someone and if

you're looking for a good way to attach

a wood post to concrete then stay tuned

so I'm working on some concrete steps

today and I need to get some railing up

it's got some really already but it's

very low and unsafe so I need to get

some proper height railing like this

installed so this railings about forty

inches high and the only thing I can

attach the post to was concrete so I

needed a nice sturdy bracket to attach

with so here's a look at what I'm using

to attach the wood post to the concrete

this is made by Simpson it's an easy

base fence post base and you attach this

the concrete by using concrete anchors

this particular base is made a pretty

thick steel and it's pretty rigid so it

keeps the post nice and secure I've

tried a couple other brands but they

didn't work quite as well so I'm

complete this job you're gonna need a

hammer drill I purchased the hundred

dollar Makita drill at Home Depot and

this works great you're also going to

need some concrete anchors these are

made by red head and there are three

eighths by three inches long these three

inch anchors need to be drilled at least

an inch knife deep for proper fitment

but for different anchors and different

links the specs change this is the

instructions per their website the calls

for drilling at least a quarter inch

deeper than anchor embedment then it

calls for cleaning it out and it calls

for driving it and it calls for

tightening it and you're only supposed

to tighten it to about 25 foot-pounds of

torque so right now I have my post base

exactly where I want it so I'm gonna

mark the holes by just barely starting

to drill each hole and I'm using a

masonry 3/8 carbide tipped drill bit so

there's four different holes on the base

I'm gonna mark each one of them once I

have all the holes marked

I'm gonna remove the base and drill to

the proper depth once the holes are

drilled then I can go ahead and clean

them out compressed air or an air

compressor now it's time to go ahead and

put the anchors in place so I'm gonna go

ahead and stir them inside the hole

you're not gonna be able to push the

anchors all the way down in place so

you're gonna have to use a hammer to tap

them down even further you want to just

tap them down lightly until

nothing but the threads are exposed or

until they're at the desired height that

you want also it might be a good idea to

go ahead and put the nut on before you

start tap them down so you don't tap

them down too far I have a lot of

experience so I went ahead and skip that

step so all my anchors are in place and

tapped down so I'm now it's time to go

ahead and attach the base so I'm going

to go ahead and install the washers and

the nuts for each anchor and then go

ahead and tighten them with a ratchet

with about 25 foot-pounds of torque okay

now that I got all my anchors in place

and tightened it's time to go ahead and

slide in the post and secure it with

screws at the bottom of the base here it

might be a tight fit inserting the post

another bracket so you might have to tap

it down with a hammer to get it all the

way down so I have a nice secure sturdy

post here but now I got a lot more work

ahead of me I still got five more posts

to do so I'm actually gonna be attaching

riddling going all the way up so here's

a look at before what was going on we

get that railing that was only about a

foot high

and now here's after I did set a railing

on both sides it's a proper Heights now

and I had to attach each one of these

posts to concrete so I had to install

six different easy post bases and a lot

of anchors well thanks for watching this

is CL I saw one if you want to hear more

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