How To Install 4 Prong and 3 Prong Dryer Cord

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and today we're taking a look at how to

install a 4 or 3 prong dryer wire so you

got your new dryer you at least thought

that the dryer came with a wire and on

top of that that it came installed but

now you notice it did not but don't

worry in this video we're gonna show you

how always remember that safety is the

number one thing that's why we want to

make sure that the wire is not connected

to any electrical outlet before we get


always remember to verify your location

codes to see if you need a three wire

system or four wire system and this are

the things that you're gonna need for

today either a Phillips or flathead

screwdriver or you can use a drill your

four prong or three pronged dryer wire

according to your owners manual a

multi-bit screwdriver without the bit or

a wrench or a small ratchet depending on

your dryer and lastly the most important

thing your dryer if you're interested in

anything mentioned today I'm gonna leave

a link in the description let's go ahead

and start with the four prong wire now

that we're ready let's get started let's

go ahead and take the multi bit

screwdriver without the bit and remove

the cover to give it access to the

connectors the first thing that we're

gonna do we're gonna remove the screw

that holds the external ground wire

which in this case is the white wire

connected to the dryer and as you can

tell the screw is green let's go ahead

and remove all three screws from the

connector and when removing the screws

you want to be really careful that you

don't want to let them drop to the

inside of the dryer in case they do fall

then you're gonna have to remove the

back cover of the dryer or if it's

hollow in the inside they would just

fall to the floor now let's go ahead and

insert the wire through the cable entry

hole and to have more plain room with

the wire we're gonna pass the wire

behind the screw housing and this is

gonna give us an extra inch to make the

connection a lot easier now what we're

gonna do is get our green cable and

connect it where our external ground

wire was using the green screw and

remember we always want to make sure

that they're all

tighten down hand tight is enough now we

want to slip the white wire that comes

from the dryer and unite it together

with the white wire from our table and

we're gonna go ahead and install this

one in the middle and now to verify

where the red or the black cable goes

we're gonna look on top where we place

the screws and verify that the cables

coming in what color they have so we can

install our prongs the same way as in

the dryer red with red and black with

black in our case the black wire is to

the left let's go ahead and install the

left wire and then the right wire which

is the red one


and now that we show that dryer who owns

us caliber we're now going to show her

that we have more wires than dryers

let's go ahead and try the three prong

wire and this one is a lot easier what

you want to do is get the middle one on

the middle the left on the left and the

right on the right unless the wire is

color-coded or specify different either

on the wire or the owner's manual

always remember to double check with

your owner's manual now we could go

ahead and install the wire clamp if

making the installation by yourself a

pressure wrench will help you make this

installation a lot easier




now we could go ahead and place the

plate cover back now we're done now you

can sit at the round table as a boss

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