3M™ Anti-Glare Filter Application

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applying your 3m anti-glare filter to

your laptop or monitor display is simple

there are two ways the filter attaches

to your display either with adhesive

strips or with slide mount abs first

we'll use 3m optically clear and

washable adhesive strips which remove

easily without leaving residue behind

now for the application the side with a

Qing is your viewing side place this

side down on the table clean both your

filter and screen with the lint-free


next we'll apply the adhesive strips to

the filter refer to your enclosed

instructions to learn where to place the

adhesive strips grab hold of one end of

an adhesive strip and peel it up holding

both ends of the strip align it parallel

to the side of the filter then attach

one end to the filter and run your

finger along the strip with light

pressure next remove the protective blue

top film repeat the process in each

additional location per the enclose

instructions now it's time to put the

filter on your display align the filter

along the bottom of the screen and apply

pressure on the sides as you have fixed

it from bottom to top that's it

to remove your filter gently bend it

toward you to release it from the screen

if you keep the adhesive clean you can

reposition your filter hundreds of times

if your adhesive strips get dirty you

can wash them simply run the strip's

under warm water rub gently then reuse

once the strips and filter are dry

you can also use slide mount tabs to

secure your filter review the

instructions to see the optimal

positions for the slide mount tabs then

pull the two sets of tabs apart take the

large tabs and peel the back off the

adhesive place them at the bottom of the

side bezel like this then take one small

tab and place on the bottom bezel like

this that's it now you can easily slide

your filter into place and simply remove

it whenever you like

just leave the slide mount tabs attached

to your monitor now that your 3m anti

glare filter is installed enjoy your

screen with reduced glare and reflection